Georgian hair enamel ring

French ring from the Victorian era, decorated with enamel blue pansies in a cartouche and braided hair.


Georgian hair enamel ring, the central motif in 18k yellow gold, enamelled and adorned with blue pansies in a cartouche, framed by two flowers. The ring in braided hair. French work from the beginning of the 19th century, Normandy, regional jewelry

Ram’s head hallmark for gold guarantee Paris 1819-1838.

Hair jewelry when they are associated with pansies are called “sentimental jewelry”: they were offered to the loved one so as not to be forgotten. Indeed the thought was a buzzword on 19th century jewels for “Think about me” as pansy means “think” in French.

Tour de doigt : 61 UE ou 9,5 US  (no size adjustment possible)

Note : hair in good condition. The ring is in excellent condition, it is rare for a hair ring.
Condition : very light wears

Weight : 1.05 gr

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Georgian hair enamel ring