Men rings

Men’s rings have always existed, or at least for 4000 years since they were found in the tombs of the Pharaohs. Social marker, object of passion, political, religious, it is a jewel which crosses the ages. The most famous rings for men are the signet rings. The French term “chevalière” goes back to the Middle Ages, to the time of chivalry. But many women now wear signet rings and they are no longer reserved only for men.

So these gentlemen, what did and do they wear? We can find bishop’s rings, with large amethysts, Greek-Roman intaglios or 19th century intaglios made during the neo-classicism. Revolutionary rings, rings of feelings full of promises and memories of the loved one. Modernist rings, heavier, more geometric. Finally the fashion of rings for men has followed that of women, perhaps in a more discreet way, but nevertheless present. Discover the Maison Mohs selection


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