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  • Rock cristal gold enamel ringXVIIth century enamel ring Out of Stock

    Scarce rock crystal Renaissance ring in 22 Karat gold. This 16th-century ring is setted with a table-cut rock crystal in a closed setting. The bezel is decorated with black enamel with gold highlights and double crescent motifs, ending in four prongs. The shoulders feature fine chiseling. Renaissance ring from the 16th century, Western Europe. During the Renaissance, rings evolved from the simple forms of the medieval period to miniature works of art, combining the skills of the chiseler, engraver, enameler, and stone cutter. Cabochon settings persisted, but the evolution of stone cutting allowed for the increased use of table cuts.

    Ring size: 57 EU or 8 US

    Bezel dimensions: 7 x 8 mm

    Estimated weight of the rock crystal: 0.49 ct

    Note: For examples of similar 16th-century rings, see items 334 and 430 in Scarisbrick’s “Rings; Jewellery of Power, Love and Loyalty” (2007); item AF.1743 in the British Museum collection and items 279 and 281 in the “Victoria and Albert Museum Catalogue of Rings” by Oman (1930).

    Condition: normal wear consistent with age, a missing part in the setting.

    Weight: 2.91 gr

  • Flexible gold braceletGold flexible regional bracelet New

    Antique Antillean bracelet in 18k yellow gold. Antique bracelet composed of twisted links forming grooved rings decorated with faceted spherical motifs. Antique bracelet from the Antilles, circa 1880, France.

    Hallmarks: eagle’s head, rhinoceros head, and maker’s mark.

    Length: 19.5 cm
    Width: 10 mm

    Note: the clasp is secured by an 18 karat gold safety chain.
    Condition: minor wear and tear

    Weight : 17.71 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

    Further information : Traditional jewelry is still worn in the Antilles for special occasions and cultural events. This regional Antilles jewelry is characterized by elaborate motifs such as twisted gold wires, vine leaves, forçat mesh, fluting, “gros sirop” mesh, gold wire spirals, etc.

  • pendentif médaillon en or

    Laurel crown photo locket pendant in 18 karat yellow gold. Sentimental pendant that opens to hold a souvenir under a curved glass. The gold circle is decorated with a laurel crown. Antique French pendant, 1900.

    Eagle head hallmark (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold) and goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Height with bezel: 35 mm
    Diameter: 25 mm
    Thickness: 3 mm

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight: 4.67 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*

  • paste silver broochsilver paste brooch

    Antique Masonic brooch in silver. Masonic brooch featuring the Square and Compasses within a circle, set with rhinestones. The combination of the Square and Compasses forms a square within the circle, symbolizing matter surrounded by the spiritual. The reunion of body and spirit can be supported by the quest for the squaring of the circle. In Masonic believes, the Compass symbolizes spiritual measurement and the individual’s ability to keep their actions within the bounds of what is right and appropriate. It also represents the capacity for self-assessment and improvement. The Square, on the other hand, represents the virtue of living a straight and balanced life, while respecting moral and ethical laws. Antique brooch, circa 1900.

    Swan hallmark (french state hallmark for silver)

    Diameter: 26 mm

    Condition: signs of wear

    Weight: 3.76 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*

  • French silver paste pendant

    Victorian silver girandole pendant in silver 800. A girandole pendant forming a large knot holding three drops in the style of late 18th-century jewelry. The entire piece is set with white paste stones on foils. Victorian period, circa 1860-1880, France.

    Boar hallmarks (french state hallmark for silver)

    Height (with setting): 50 mm
    Width: 33 mm

    Condition: fine wear scratches

    Weight : 11.31 gr

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*
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  • Antique perpignan garnets bangle braceletbracelet jonc ancien en or

    Perpignan garnet bangle bracelet in 18 karat rose gold. Bangle bracelet featuring a rose gold hollow stem, the ends decorated with garnets. In the center of the bracelet, a flower formed of 9 round garnets, and on the sides a barrette motif formed of 3 garnets. The stones are “Perpignan” cut, a rose cut with a flat base. They have a beautiful raspberry-pink-red color, typical of Perpignan garnets. The garnets are mounted on foil and in closed setting. The setting is delicately decorated with triangular V-shaped figures on the edges, and the bezel backgrounds are domed. The clasp is a box-latch secured by a chain. Antique rush bracelet, circa 1880, Southeastern France.

    Horsehead hallmarks (1838-1919, french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Center width: 14 mm
    Inside length: 16.5 cm
    Inside dimensions: 5 x 5.5 cm

    Condition: slight wear scratches, small dents behind two bezels, a inner crack in one of the garnets.

    Weight : 9.96 gr

  • broche ancienne régionale française

    Antique French silver diamond brooch from Arles. Antique regional brooch decorated with openwork motifs. The center of the brooch is adorned with a small diamond in a crumpled-effect setting, a motif typical of the South of France. The brooch is partially gilded on the reverse to prevent silver staining clothing. Antique regional brooch, France, late 19th century.

    Height: 17 mm
    Width: 4 cm

    Condition : scratches from use

    Weight : 5.74 gr

  • broche céleste ancienne en or et diamantsHalley's comet moon brooch

    Diamond crescent moon and star brooch in 18 karat gold and silver. Celestial brooch featuring a crescent moon and a star, the whole set with 30 flat-cut foiled diamonds. The diamonds have yellow hues, some darker than others. Antique moon brooch, circa 1870.

    Owl hallmark (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Diameter : 33 mm

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.70 carat

    Condition: slight wear scratches

    Weight : 9 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

    More information : Moon-shaped jewelry was very fashionable in the second half of the 19th century. This corresponds to the rediscovery of Greco-Roman civilization and the “lunar triad” composed of Selene, Hecate and Artemis, symbolizing respectively the full moon, the new moon (or black moon) and the crescent moon. Jewelry adorned with one or more moons is highly symbolic, oriented towards the feminine, and is sometimes complemented by a lucky star, meant to show the way.

  • Antique italian micro mosaic crossCroix pendentif italienne en or

    Victorian micro-mosaic cross pendant in 18 karat gold. Cross pendant with micro-mosaic decoration featuring the words “PAX DEI” meaning “Peace of God” in Latin. In the center, a cross surrounded by two doves, and below, an anchor, an ear of wheat and white flowers. The micro-mosaic decoration is surrounded by a gold-beaded frieze. On the reverse, the cross is inscribed “Xbre M.R.R à M.R.C, 1868”. The anchor is a symbol of hope, but also of early Christianity. The wheat symbolizes Christ, who dies in order to be reborn; and the white flowers symbolize purity and the Virgin Mary. Christian religious pendant, dated 1868, made in Italy for France.

    Italian hallmark: crossed keys and miter (active from 1815 to 1870) and eagle head hallmark.

    Height (including bezel): 6.5 cm
    Width: 3.7 cm

    Condition: the cross has been restored with a transparent resin to prevent the micro-mosaic from disappearing. This ensures legibility, but is not definitive and can be removed.

    Weight : 11.05 gr

    More informations : The “Peace of God” is a medieval movement whose origins date back to the 10th century and was intended to impose and guarantee peace for both religious and social reasons. It was mentioned on Italian Grand Tour objects in the 19th century.

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*
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  • Antique secret locket ring in gold

    Gold signet secret ring in 18 karat gold. Opening secret ring, decorated on the plate with the letter J in calligraphy. The ring opens to reveal a secret compartment that can conceal a photo or souvenir. The shoulders of the ring are delicately decorated with a ribbon motif. Antique sentiment ring, late 19th century. Owl hallmarks (18k gold)

    Finger size: 52 EU or 6 US (can be changed)

    Tray dimensions: 13 x 11 mm

    Inner cavity dimensions: 11 x 8 mm

    Condition: slight wear scratches, compartment closes well

    Weight : 3.76 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • watch key pendant in gold

    Victorian watch key pendant in 18 karat gold. Antique watch key set with a large orange cornelian with beautiful meandering colors inside. The key can be worn as a pendant. The structure is gold, but the end of the key is metal. Watch key from the late 19th century.

    Owl hallmark (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Dimensions: 51 x 36 mm

    Condition : light scratches from use

    Weight : 11.82 gr

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*
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  • Victorian poissardes earrings in gold

    Antique French poissardes earrings in 18 karat rose gold. Antique “poissardes” earrings, popular in France in the 19th century. The center of the earring is undecorated, while the upper and lower parts alternate between textured and polished gold. Antique French earrings, middle of 19th century, France.

    Eagle head hallmark (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold) and partially legible goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Dimensions: 30 x 8 mm

    Condition: light scratches from use

    Weight: 2.22 gr