Silver bracelets

The category silver bracelets includes all the silver bracelets we have selected, all periods, styles and stones. It can be a band bracelet, a soft bracelet, an enamelled bracelet or a bracelet with diamonds.


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  • Silver leopard wood braceletbracelet tête de léopards en bois

    Silver ebony leopard heads bracelet, bracelet in ebony wood and gilded silver (vermeil). The ends of the bracelet feature two finely engraved leopard heads in gilded sterling silver. The two sculptures are similar but not identical. The heads face each other and close over the top of the wrist. Vintage bracelet in the style of Gay Frères for Hermès, circa 1960-1970.

    Two crab hallmarks, illegible maker’s mark, and 10M marks.

    Internal diameter: 15.5 cm (fits all wrists)
    Ebony width: 11 mm
    Dimensions of one head: 14 mm x 30 mm

    Condition: wear and tear

    Weight: 48.24 gr

  • chaine serpent ancienneantique watch chain forming a snake

    Victorian silver snake watch chain. Antique watch chain made of snake chain, imitating the body of a reptile. The clasp clasps onto the snake’s head, whose eyes are set with two red glasses. Secure screw clasp. This chain can be worn as an ankle chain. Antique chain, circa 1880, France.

    Boar hallmark (French state hallmark for 800 silver)

    Length: 28.5 cm

    Note: This chain can be worn as an ankle bracelet.
    Condition: scratches and patina.

    Weight : 17.42 gr

  • bracelet ancien en argent et émailbracelet émaillé ancien napoléon III

    Enamel Victorian silver bracelet 800. It is composed of five circular elements alternating sticks with poly-lobed tips and connected by rings. The bracelet is entirely decorated with blue, green and black cloisonné enamel on gilted silver. The clasp ratchet box is subtly hidden under a link. Antique Victorian bracelet dating from the late 19th century, France.

    Boar and CPS hallmarks

    Dimensions : 22 mm x 25 mm
    Inside dimension : 18 cm

    Note : the clasp works
    Condition: some missing and slight dents

    Weight : 26,09 gr