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Some tips to identify the value of your antique jewelry The material No need to be an expert to determine the material of an antique or pre-owned piece of jewelry. If it has precious metal hallmarks, examine it, and you can deduce whether it is gold (18 karats gold /14 […]

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In the 1750s, the residents of Perpignan discovered garnet deposits near Estagel. For this reason, it is likely that the use of garnet increased in this region of France during that period. However, it is much more difficult to precisely date the earliest appearances of Perpignan garnet in Catalan jewelry. […]

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Pearls have been treasured for their timeless beauty and symbolism for centuries. Two types of real pearls dominate the antique jewelry and jewelry markets: fine/natural pearls and cultured pearls. Although they share a superficial resemblance, there are significant differences between them. In this article, we will examine the key characteristics […]

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Physical Characteristics of a Diamond Composition of a Diamond A raw diamond consists of pure carbon (C) and forms under very high temperature and pressure in the Earth’s mantle. Although composed primarily of carbon atoms, raw diamonds may contain other substances such as boron (B), nitrogen (N), inclusions of graphite, […]

Are you on a weekend getaway or vacation in Paris and want to see the most beautiful antique jewelry in Paris museums? Follow the guide! The Louvre Museum The Louvre Museum is the most iconic museum in Paris. It has been intricately linked to the history of France for eight […]

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When you want to purchase antique jewellery from a specialized website, gallery, or jewellery store, you may have questions like, “How can I be sure it’s really gold?” or “How can I verify if it’s a real diamond?” This article will explain how we appraise jewelry at Maison Mohs and, […]

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You come to visit our charming French capital and wish to to know where to buy antique jewelry in Paris ? You live in Paris and you wish to buy an antique jewel for a gift? Don’t panic, we have some addresses to advise you. At Maison Mohs If you […]

The Wiener Werkstätte is an Austrian association founded by Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser and L. Bauer. Its purpose: to create autonomously in the field of architecture, decorative arts, entertainment, but also jewellery . “WW jewellery” is a gentle blend of German Jugendstil and Art Nouveau: a geometric rigour, […]

Vivianna Torun, finally a woman ! One of the first to break into the silversmiths world in the 20th century. Her fame is due to her excellent mastery of silver, a material from which she holds fluid and curved movements. Fascinated by swirl, bend, curve shapes, she creates sinuous jewelry […]

Gerard Sandoz comes from a famous family of jewelers, he began to design jewelry when he was a teenager. He fastly became one of the inventors of “modern jewelry” in the mid-1920s. Sandoz’s creations were inspired by mechanics, speed and machine. He chooses to use less expensive materials: lacquer, onyx, […]