Green tourmaline diamond ring

Retro tourmaline ring adorned with a rectangular step cut green tourmaline on a 18k gold setting


Green tourmaline diamond ring in rose gold 18 karats. Ring centred of a green tourmaline, also called verdelite, of rectangular size. On each side of the tourmaline, two brilliant-cut diamonds are set on forked shoulders. The tourmaline is offset from the ring giving it a very modern feel. Ring from the 1960’s.

Jewel tested with 18 karat gold

Size: 53 EU or 6.5 US (can be cut to size)

Estimated diamond weight: 0.04 carat
Tourmaline weight: approx. 0.90 carat

Total weight: 2,5 gr

Gemological point: Tourmaline is a gemstone with a wide range of colours. It can show all the colours of the rainbow. Here are the names of some particular tourmalines: rubellite (bright pink to red), dravite (yellow to brown), verdelite (light to dark green), Paraiba (neon blue or turquoise with a hint of green), indicolite (deep indigo blue), shörl (black), elbaite (multicoloured), watermelon tourmaline (green and pink) and finally archite (colourless).

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bague vintage tourmaline Maison Mohs

Green tourmaline diamond ring