Sentimental jewelry

Sentiment jewelry is a special name for jewelry that was worn in the 19th century. These are jewels that we wore in memory of the loved one or passed away. Often these jewels contain inscriptions or symbols, or even elements reminding the person for whom this jewel is intended. It can be hair or even teeth sometimes. In a “Memento Mori” or mourning jewelry context, the recurring symbols are the weeping willow, the hair, the urn. In the love context we find hidden messages, flaming hearts but also locks of hair, names. And they often feature words like “friendship” or illustrations of pansy flowers. They also sometimes have puns made with the colors of the stones.

These sentimental jewelry can have all of these elements. These are sought-after and rare jewels, real collector’s items. Here is the selection of Maison Mohs


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