Ruby rings

Ruby is a rare stone that is highly valued in jewelry, ruby rings are often noticed because their color, ranging from pink to red, is unique in the world of gems. Ruby is a fairly hard stone (9/10 on the Mohs scale), which allows it to be worn in all circumstances. However, it is always advisable to avoid chemicals, heat and prolonged contact with water.


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  • Bague interchangeable en or 14krubis diamants émeraude saphirs bague versatile

    Gold Interchangeable rings in 14 karat rose gold. This ring is composed of a ring set with two lines of nine single-cut diamonds, into the center of which another ring can be slipped. Four rings are available, all set with seven stones: emeralds, rubies, sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds. Ring from the ’60s.

    Clover hallmark (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Finger size: 56 EU or 7.5 US (no sizing possible)

    Base ring estimated diamond weight: 0.18 carat

    Ring 1 estimated emerald weight: 0.14 carat
    Ring 2 estimated diamond weight: 0.21 carat
    Ring 3 estimated ruby weight: 0.14 carat
    Ring 4 estimated sapphire weight: 0.14 carat

    Weight of a single ring: 1.87 gr

    Condition: scratches, slight oxidation

    Total weight :11.67 gr

  • Art deco ruby diamond ringArt deco diamond ruby ring

    Art Deco diamonds ruby ring in 18-karat white gold (750). Ring set with 13 rose-cut diamonds and two small round rubies. The central diamond is an old cut and weighs approximately 0.05 carats. The structure of the ring is openwork. Art Deco ring, circa 1930, France.

    Partially stamped eagle hallmark (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Finger size: 57 EU or 7.75 US (resizeable)

    Maximum width of the ring: 12 mm

    Estimated weight of diamonds: 0.19 carat
    Estimated weight of rubies: 0.02 carat

    Weight: 3.72 gr

  • bague rubis italie anciennebague italienne ancienne rubis

    Georgian Italian ruby cluster ring in 14 karat gold (585). Late 18th century cluster ring with 9 table-cut rubies. Each shoulder of the ring is also set with 3 rubies. The ring is richly decorated with rinceaux and stylized leaves. Like most rings from this period, the ring head is secured with a rivet. Ring from the Mediterranean basin, probably Italy, circa 1780.

    Unreadable guarantee hallmark, 14k tested gold.

    Finger circumference: 56 EU or 7.5 US (possible sizing at the risk of missing ring decoration).

    Bezel dimensions: 14.8 mm x 15 mm

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight : 5.4 gr

    More information : there are several examples of rings identified as Italian in the British Musuem, and although it is known that these designs were also made in Spain, there are no Spanish models referenced in museums. However, this style can be found throughout Southern Europe: Italy, Spain and Portugal, and can be explained by the presence of the Habsburgs during the 16th and 17th centuries in regions such as Sicily, Sardinia, Naples and Milan.

  • wedding ruby ring in goldbague rubis naturel 1 carat

    Trilogy ruby and diamond ring in 18-karat yellow gold (750). In the centre, a beautiful oval ruby with velvety red, weighing approximately 1.05 carats. The ruby is natural, framed by two brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.25 carats each. Vintage ring from the 1990s. Owl hallmark (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold).

    Finger size: 59 EU or 8.75 US (resizable)

    Ring width: 6.4 mm

    Estimated weight of diamonds: 0.50 carat (0.25 carat each)
    Estimated weight of the central ruby: 1.05 carats

    Estimated origin of the ruby: natural

    Condition: signs of use

    Weight: 7.57 gr

  • Augis love medal ruby ringAugis love medal ring

    Augis halo ruby ring in 18 karat (750) rose gold. Retro ring adorned with a “more than yesterday less than tomorrow” love medal in yellow gold set in synthetic rubies. The “+” sign is set with a diamond and the “-” sign with two calibrated synthetic rubies. The love medal is closed-set. Ring signed Augis, Retro period, circa 1950, France.

    Eagle head hallmark (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold), Augis master hallmark on the ring, signed Augis on the medal.

    Size: 56 EU or 7.5 US (possible sizing)

    Bezel diameter: 17.6 mm
    Basket height: 5.5 mm

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight: 5.90 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

    More info: This refers to a quotation from a letter from Rosmonde Gérard, the poetess, to her love Edmond Rostand, the author of Cyrano de Bergerac: “For, you see, every day I love you more, Today more than yesterday and much less than tomorrow”. Inspired by these two lovers, Alphonse Augis used these lines in his “Médailles d’amour”, condensing them into “+ qu’hier – que demain”.

  • ruby diamond ring from the seventiesbague marguerite rubis diamants en or

    Marguerite diamond ruby ring in 18-karat white gold (750). The ring features a central significant old mine-cut diamond weighing approximately 0.33 carats. The diamond is surrounded by six marquise-shaped rubies and four brilliant-cut diamonds. The rubies exhibit a beautiful raspberry red color. Additionally, there are four brilliant-cut diamonds set on the shoulders. The ring was created in the 1970s using elements from an older piece of jewelry.

    French eagle head hallmark and illegible maker’s hallmark (French hallmark for 18-karat gold).

    Finger size: 48 EU or 4.5 US (resizable)

    Diameter of the bezel: 16 mm

    Estimated weight of the central diamond: 0.33 carats
    Total estimated diamond weight: 0.57 carats
    Estimated weight of rubies: 1.14 carats

    Weight: 5.20 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • wedding ruby diamond ringbague rubis diamants mariage

    Pre-owned bridal ring centred on an oval ruby surrounded and highlighted by brilliant-cut diamonds.

  • bague de fiançailles en or et argentbague rubis diamant en or

    Magnificent antique engagement ring in navette (or marquise) shape, centred with rubies in a diamond setting.

  • bague rubis diamants en or et platinebague platine diamant rubis sang de pigeon

    Art Nouveau ruby ring in 18 karat yellow gold and platinum. Antique ring of the Art Nouveau period decorated with a pigeon’s blood ruby and diamonds. In its center there is a cushion-cut ruby. The ruby is framed by two old-cut diamonds. The whole is surrounded by twelve rose-cut diamonds in a platinum beaded setting. The shoulders of the ring are embellished with leaves setted with diamonds. Art nouveau ring, circa 1910, France, Paris.

    Marked with an eagle’s head and the mark of the goldsmith Georges Lavoipierre (active in Paris between 1906 and 1942).

    Finger size : 53 EU or 6.5 US (possible to change)

    A certificate was issued by the Bellerophon laboratory on 16/01/2023:

    Characteristics of the ruby : 
    Description : transparent gemstone
    Weight : 0,31 carat approximately
    Dimensions : 4.09 x 3.65 x 2.59 mm
    Size : oval
    Identification: natural ruby
    Colour: vivid red
    Fluorescence : Strong red
    Comment : no indication of heating
    Geographical origin : Burma (Mogok, Myanmar). This ruby can be called “pigeon blood” on the trade.

    Estimated weight of the main diamonds: 0.19 and 0.14 carat
    Estimated total diamond weight: 0.47 carat

    Condition : scratches from use. Visible with a loupe : a thin chip on the border of one diamond.

    Weight : 3.07 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague contemporaine en or noircocktail flower ring from Wendy yue high jewelry

    Jade cocktail ring in blackened 18 karat gold. The ring is adorned with a rose flower made of rubies, blooming on a plate of jade (variety Maw Sit Sit) of an intense green. The plate is surrounded by a green gradation of tsavorite garnets. The ring is made entirely of blackened gold, with an openwork wave pattern, encrusted with black diamonds. Contemporary ring attributed to Wendy Yue, unsigned.

    Hallmark 750 inside the ring and Edinburgh hallmark

    The main stone is a Maw Sit Sit jade belonging to the jadeite category. The only existing deposit is in Burma, it is a stone composed of six different minerals very rich in chromium which gives it its intense green color. It is extremely rare to find it in jewelry.

    Finger size: 54 EU or 6,75 US (no adjustment possible, except for reduction)

    Dimensions of the plate : 2 x 1,5 cm

    Note : the invoice is not delivered with the ring.
    Condition : scratches from use

    Weight : 22,74 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague trio en or et rubis

    Victorian belt ruby ring in rose gold 18 karats (750). This small ring is composed of three rings attached together, representing belts with their buckle. Each one is centered with a round ruby which are arranged in staggered and thus form a trio of rubies in diagonal. A late 19th century ring.

    Tested with 18 karat gold

    Finger size: 45 EU or 3.5 US (small change of size possible)

    Maximum width of the ring : 10 mm

    Estimated weight of the rubies : 0,33 carat

    Note: the finger size of this ring is particularly small
    Condition : usual scratches from use.

    Weight : 2.48 gr

    Learn more about this design : the belt is a recurring motif in jewelry of this period, signifying loyalty, fidelity and protection.

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • scroll tank ring in goldbague tank rouleau en or 18k

    Tank ruby diamond scroll ring in yellow, pink and white gold 18 karat. Beautiful tank ring decorated in the centre of eight diamonds (brilliant cut and 8/8) in a white gold setting. The central diamonds are surrounded by two lines of four calibrated rubies. This geometric composition of rubies and diamonds is itself framed by two high-volume gold scrolls set with two lines of nine 88-cut diamonds. The jeweller and goldsmith plays with the volumes, the curved and geometric lines and the colours of the gold. Tank ring from 1945.

    Octagonal hallmark “18” inside the ring

    Finger size: 60 EU or 9 US (can be cut to size)

    Dimensions of the ring head: 12 mm x 22 mm x 11 mm

    Estimated diamond weight : 0.18 carat
    Estimated weight of rubies : 0.16 carat

    Condition : oxidation

    weight : 9.18 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*