Draperie necklaces

Drapery necklaces are very fashionable necklaces in the 19th century, with a garland style that goes down over the collarbones and dresses the top of the neckline. They are often finely executed necklaces, with long links, decorated, sometimes with stones or pearls. These necklaces are easy to wear, discreet and elegant.


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  • Antique gold drapery necklaceAntique gold drapery necklace

    French Georgian regional necklace in 18k (750) yellow gold and silver. Rare and lovely French regional necklace, composed of three silver medallions set with imitation diamond glass, linked together by four rows of yellow gold chains. The necklace fastens with an enameled clasp, decorated with a fleuron on a sky-blue background, surrounded by midnight-blue enamel. The two thin chains linking the necklace to the clasp are in metal. Regional necklace from the late 18th – early 19th century, Bresse region, France.

    Silver axe hallmark, rooster hallmark (head on right 1798-1809)

    Length: 38.5 cm

    Dimension of central plate: 30 x 25 mm

    Note: The two thin chains linking the necklace to the clasp are in metal.
    Condition : Usual wears

    Weight : 26.93 gr

  • 3000,00

    French regional diamond drapery necklace in 18 karat (750) yellow gold and silver. Antique regional necklace made up of five silver elements set with rose-cut diamonds. The central pendant holds two dangling diamonds. Round cable mesh chains link each diamond-set element. The main chain is antique yellow gold. Antique Arles drapery necklace, Provence, late 19th century, France.

    Boar and eagle head hallmark on the chain, horse head hallmark on the chain (french state hallmarks for 18 karat gold and silver)

    Total length: 39 cm
    Dimensions of central element: 35 x 25 mm

    Condition: the clasp is not centred on the chain

    Weight : 17.09 gr

    *The antique boxes are not sold with the jewel*

  • collier Russe ancien turquoisesedwardian russian turquoise necklace

    Russian turquoise drapery necklace in 14 karat (583) rose gold. Drapery necklace composed of eleven drop-shaped plates topped with turquoise cabochons. The turquoise is a beautiful lagoon blue with natural brown inclusions (pyrites and matrix). The necklace is finished with a double chain of flat links. The turquoise may have come from Kazakhstan, a country under Russian rule since the 17th century, where turquoise mines are still found, but more likely from Persia, which supplied countries and courts with its beautiful, intense-blue stones. Turquoise from Kazakhstan is generally blue with a hint of lavender inside, suggesting Persian turquoise. Necklace circa 1900, chain changed afterwards.

    On the chain, certainly changed after the necklace was made: Russian “sickle and hammer” hallmark (active after 1958), SAS hallmark on the clasp.

    Total length: 42 cm
    Dimensions of largest drop: 21 x 45 mm

    Note: The slight difference in gold color between the chain and the necklace suggests a modification of the jewel.
    Condition : wears of use

    Weight : 35.20 gr

    About turquoise: Read our article by clicking here.

  • Gold necklace Art DecoCollier art deco palmette

    Art Deco gold necklace in 18k two tones gold (750 thousandths). An antique necklace composed of 5 radiating motifs alternating between yellow and white gold. The necklace chain is antique and consists of trombone links alternating with double-eight links. Art Deco necklace, circa 1930, France.

    Eagle head hallmark(French state hallmark for 18 karat gold), partially legible goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Length: 42.5 cm
    Dimensions of the central motif: 20 x 14 mm

    Condition: Surface scratches from use

    Weight: 6.38 gr

  • Art nouveau silver enamel necklaceArt nouveau plique a jour enamel necklace

    Marius Hammer Skønvirke necklace in silver. Art Nouveau “drapery” necklace, composed of a line of sky-blue and white enameled elements with filigree decoration, holding four linked chains decorated with enameled pendants. In the center, a three-lobed element in plique a jour enamel completes the composition and holds three drops. The necklace closes with a fine bayonet clasp. Attributed to Norwegian Art Nouveau jeweler Marius Hammer. Art Nouveau necklace, circa 1900.

    Length: 43.5 cm Dimensions of central elements: 16 x 5.5 cm

    Condition: slight oxidation, two metal rings, small white enamel chips

    Weight : 18.56 gr

    A similar model of this necklace is listed at Tadema Gallery, London. : click here

    Precision: Skønvirke is the term used to define the Art Nouveau or Arts & Crafts period in Norway. The period spans from 1900 to 1925.

  • collier cornaline empirecollier négligé agate Empire

    Georgian agate drapery necklace in yellow and pink gold 14 karats (585 thousandth) and 18 karats (750 thousandth). Rare and old necklace drapery and negligee composed of cabochons of cornaline, alternated with cabochons of agate dendritic. The gems are linked together by fine chains of braided 18 karat gold. In the centre of the composition, the carnelian cabochon is surrounded by fine pearls and holds two moss agates in pendeloque (sloppy necklace effect). The clasp is a ratchet box, which is discreetly hidden under an element of the necklace.

    Antique necklace, 19th century, probably English work.

    Marked E.T

    Total length : 41 cm

    Dimensions of the central part: 55 mm x 30 mm

    Condition: wears

    Weight : 16.39 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • collier perles fines en or 9kcollier napoléon 1er en or 9k

    Georgian citrine paste seed pearl necklace in rose gold 9 karats (375). Rare necklace dating from the 1st Empire (Napoleon Ist, circa 1810) composed of eleven faceted oval glasses imitating citrine, in closed gold settings surrounded by lines of small fine pearls. Each link is connected by two gold chains also decorated with small pearls. The clasp is a ratchet box, it is hidden in a faceted glass link. Antique necklace, circa 1810. Cloverleaf hallmark, later addition of the French customs.

    Cloverleaf hallmark, later addition of the French customs.

    Length : 39 cm
    Size of one element: 17mm x 21 mm

    Note: a safety chain is connected to the clasp and is later than the jewel.
    Condition: traces of glue on the clasp and the element next to it, usual wears

    Weight : 21.21 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • antique drapery necklace in gold

    Victorian French drapery necklace in yellow gold 18 karats. The necklace is composed of alternated links, some with twisted decoration, others with rose decoration. The twisted elements hold in pampille of the golden scrolls decorated with a natural pearl. A stone imitating sapphire (doublet garnet/glass) adorns the centre of the composition, decorated on both sides with laurel leaves holding scrolls adorned with a fine pearl. This necklace has five natural pearls in total. Antique french necklace from Victorian period, Napoleon III, circa 1870, France.

    Eagle head hallmark, hallmark 750

    Dimensions of the central decoration : 3.2 cm x 12.8 cm
    Length of the necklace : 45 cm

    Condition : the clasp is not original

    Weight : 9.56 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • antique art deco necklace enamelled in goldart deco gold enamelled necklace

    Beautiful drapery necklace from the Art Deco period (1930), with black and red enameled geometrical patterns.

  • paste silver necklace victorian period

    Victorian French silver paste necklace in silver (800 thousandths). It is composed of links decorated with round faceted paste stones framed with stylized leaves. The necklace holds a large silver plate with floral decoration, holding a drop-shaped pendant, topped with leaves. The whole is entirely decorated with paste stones on foils, of white or slightly yellow color. The necklace closes with a ratchet box with a leaf motif. French regional necklace, probably from the Normandy region, from the second half of the 19th century, France.

    Boar hallmarks, illegible goldsmith’s hallmark

    Total length of the necklace : 41,2 cm
    Dimensions of the central motif: 70 mm x 45 mm

    Weight : 48,06 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*