Bracelets are the perfect fashion accessory. It can be discreet or visible, rigid or flexible, colored or neutral. It dresses up a sober outfit, it enhances a ring, a necklace. The bracelet is also the counterpart of your watch. Vintage bracelets or antique bracelets come in links, circles, chains, with or without stones. It is even possible to find antique bracelets with braided hair. The memory of the loved one was worn on the wrist. And even a simple gold band, engraved with the name or the date of the loved one, is beautiful, isn’t it?


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  • bracelet style hermes en or18k gold chain bracelet

    Vintage flexible bracelet in 18 karat yellow gold (750). The bracelet is composed of three rows of chains connected by tricolor gold elements. The piece is adorned with a setting of blue glass cabochons and a hollow gold ring. Created around 1990, France.

    Eagle head hallmark (poinçon d’État français pour l’or 18 karats)

    Wrist circumference: 18 cm
    Maximum width: 15 mm

    Note: Safety chain

    Condition: Scratches from use

    Weight: 19.67 gr

  • 18k solid gold braceletbracelet jonc en or massif

    Solid gold bangle bracelet in 18k gold (750). Round in shape, with a beautiful patina, it is made of solid gold. Vintage jewel from the second half of the 20th century, France.

    Eagle head hallmark (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold) and master’s hallmark AC.

    Wrist circumference: 18.5 cm

    Inner diameter: 61 mm
    Thickness: 5 mm

    Condition: fine scratches from normal use

    Weight: 68.38 gr

  • bracelet bressan enamel in vermeilantique bressan enamel bracelet

    Regional bracelet with bressan enamels in gilded silver (vermeil) composed of 7 oval-shaped enameled elements surrounded by openwork friezes. The enamels have the following colors: midnight blue, sky blue, and black. They are decorated with gold friezes and half pearls of white enamel. Each link is set with three colored faceted glasses, typical of the jewelry from this region. The clasp is a hidden box clasp that is concealed within one of the links.

    Crab hallmark

    Length: 18 cm
    Width: 3 cm

    Condition: small lack of enamel on a midnight blue element (3×2 mm) and loss of 3 enamel beads, scratches from use. Small lack of metal, replaced by a ring.

    Weight: 29.84 gr

  • Vintage thin gold braceletthin gold bracelet 18k

    Vintage thin gold bracelet. Vintage thin gold bracelet in 18-karat (750). This bracelet features a fine trombone-style chain with alternating solid gold links and openwork links. It’s a vintage piece from around 1990 in France.

    Eagle’s head (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold), maker’s mark, and 750.

    Length: 17.3 cm.

    Condition: Normal signs of wear.

    Weight: 2.23 gr

  • diamond belle epoque braceletantique rose cut diamond bracelet

    Belle Epoque diamond bracelet in 14 karat gold and platinum. This Belle Epoque bracelet features oval links, with a larger link at the center set with fourteen old mine and rose-cut diamonds. The central diamond is set in a closed setting and weighs approximately 0.10 carats. The main link is bordered by two links set with rose-cut diamonds (six in total). It dates to around 1900, during the Belle Epoque period, and likely has origins in England.

    Marked with a shell hallmark (French state hallmark for 14 karat gold)

    Length: 19.5 cm

    Estimated total diamond weight: 0.26 carats

    Note : Please note that the clasp has a safety chain and a figure-eight fastener.
    Condition: Signs of wear

    Weight: 11.22 gr

  • bracelet jonc grenats et perles en or

    Victorian garnet bangle bracelet in 18k rose gold. Bangle bracelet featuring a central element set with four large cabochon almandine garnets, topped with a cross set with 18 fine pearls. A drop-shaped motif set with fine pearls complements the main element. Central element from the 19th century, bangle from the early 20th century.

    Cloverleaf hallmark

    Dimensions of the main motif: 20 x 26 mm
    Inner circumference: 16.3 cm

    Condition: soldering traces visible under the main element

    Weight: 19.65 gr

  • gold garnet bangle braceletbracelet jonc en or

    Garnet bangle bracelet in 18-karat rose gold (750) and silver. This delicate bracelet forms a wire bangle, adorned with a circular element made of gold and silver serving as the clasp. The clasp is set with a significant cabochon garnet and features scroll motifs. The central element dates back to the 19th century and has been subsequently assembled into this fine bracelet.

    Hallmarked with “charançons” (french state hallmarks for 18-karat gold) and a partially legible maker’s mark.

    Inner circumference: 17 cm (approximately 6.7 inches)
    Clasp dimensions: 14 x 13.8 mm

    Condition: Normal signs of wear, reassembly

    Weight: 7.19 gr

  • bracelet moderne en orpre owned vintage bracelet in gold

    Vintage bangle bracelet in 18k yellow and white Gold (750). This semi-rigid bracelet consists of two solid gold arcs connected by a gourmet chain, giving it a rectangular shape and providing a certain flexibility. It is a vintage bracelet, circa 2000.

    Owl Hallmarks and 750 mark.

    Diameter: 8 cm

    Note: The bracelet closes with a lobster clasp.
    Condition: Shows signs of wear (scratches).

    Weight: 11.59 gr.

  • iron silesian braceletbracelet en fer de silesie

    Georgian Silesian iron bracelet. Woven wire bracelet, decorated with a large flower, the heart centered on a faceted nail. A circular spiral pendant hangs from the flower. Antique bracelet, circa 1798/1800, Silesia, (region extending over parts of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic)

    Dimensions: 7 cm (including pendant) x 22 cm

    Condition: slight oxidation

    Weight : 16.59 gr

  • Edwardian gold charm's braceletantique edwardian gold charm's bracelet

    Antique charms Music Love and Luck bracelet in 14 karat yellow gold (585). Vintage bracelet with oval links decorated with small circles and small floral motifs. This bracelet is adorned with fifteen charms (detailed below). Antique bracelet on the theme of Music, Love and Luck. Early 20th century.

    Marked 585 (foreign hallmark for 14 karat gold)

    Length: 19.7 cm

    Note: lobster clasp.
    Condition: some charms are in metal, two in silver and eight in 14 karat gold. Scratches from use.

    Weight : 16 gr

    – An elephant with red enamel in 14 karat rose gold
    – A rattle in 14 karat rose gold
    – A playing card Ace of Spades in metal
    – A four-leaf clover lucky charm in metal
    – A key holding a heart in silver
    – A zeppelin with the inscription ‘I love’ in 14 karat yellow gold
    – A pink pig eating a four-leaf clover in silver
    – A piano in metal
    – A maritime anchor in 14 karat rose gold
    – A trumpet in 14 karat yellow gold
    – A cello in metal
    – A coat of arms in metal
    – A flower pot in 14 karat yellow gold
    – A red enamel mandolin in 14 karat yellow gold
    – A red and white enamel accordion in 14 karat gold

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • Gold watch tank braceletGold tank bracelet

    Tank bracelet secret watch in 18-karat warm yellow gold (750). This tank bracelet conceals a watch dial under a hidden cover within one of its links. The bracelet is made of articulated gold mesh with circular geometric shapes, representing the bold volume typical of the Retro period. The circular case is concealed by a cover. The dial is signed GERALDY (17 JEWELS), with an enamel background in a nacre ivory color, and the hands and stick indices are in gold color. The movement is Swiss and is signed GERALDY SA. The bracelet is securely closed with a box clasp with a figure-eight safety. This Tank watch bracelet is French, dating from around 1945.

    Eagle head and rhinoceros hallmarks, and the mark of the silversmith (French hallmarks for 18k)

    Bracelet Length: 17.5 cm
    Bracelet Width: 14 mm
    Case Dimensions: 16 mm x 16 mm

    Note: The clasp features a safety link.
    Condition: The watch is not currently functioning and requires servicing (please request a quote); it shows signs of wear (scratches).

    Weight: 43.14 gr

    “Jewelry watch collection”

  • choker necklace watch chaingold watch chain necklace

    Gold watch chain necklace crafted from 18-karat rose gold (750). The chain features a voluminous fancy link design and is secured with a lobster clasp. It can be worn as a choker necklace by adding a rectangular element in gold and platinum with filigree volutes, which comes with the chain, or as a double bracelet. This piece dates back to around 1900 and originates from France.

    Hallmarks: Eagle’s head and rhinoceros (French hallmarks for 18k gold)

    Length: 36 cm (14.17 inches)
    Link Width: 5 mm (0.20 inches)

    Condition: Scratches

    Weight : 16.82 gr