Pearl rings

Small pearls, large pearls, cultured pearls or natural pearls: pearl rings are decorated with all types of pearls! Grey, white, pink. They can be freshwater or saltwater, Tahitian or Chinese… Used since ancient times, it is an organic gem found only in certain forms of oysters. The manufacturing process is long, and if the pearls have been a little neglected in recent years, they are now back in fashion, including the necks of these gentlemen (Harry Style, Pharrell Williams). Gentlemen, dare the pearls!


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  • cabochon coral ring in goldbague corail en or

    Modernist coral ring in 18-karat yellow gold (750). The ring features an orange coral cabochon set with four thick, flat prongs. The ring’s band is delicately worked, the shoulders are openworked and form beautiful round lines typical of the Retro period. Vintage ring, circa 1950.

    Owl hallmark (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold).

    Finger circumference: 46 UE or 3.5 US (small sizing possible)

    Coral button diameter: 9 mm

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight : 3.35 gr

  • coral pearl ring in goldyou and me coral ring in gold

    Toi et Moi coral ring in 18-karat yellow gold (750). This ring is set with two pink-orange coral pearls with lighter nuances, each measuring approximately 7.6 and 7.8 mm in diameter. Vintage Toi et Moi ring, circa 1960, France.

    Eagle’s head (French hallmark for 18 karat gold) and unreadable maker’s mark.

    Ring Size: 54 EU and 6.75 US (Resizable)

    Coral Pearls Diameter: 7.6 mm and 7.8 mm

    Condition: Signs of wear

    Weight: 4.14 gr

    Gemology Note: Coral is an organic gemstone. Only the calcareous branched trunks of certain corals are used in jewelry. Its color comes from organic pigments close to carotene, ranging from blood-red to white, with shades of angel skin pink. Traditionally, coral necklaces were often given to young children to protect them from illness. Coral was believed to have protective qualities, especially in the Mediterranean region, particularly in Italy and Corsica.

  • bague cocktail en orRetro dome ring in gold

    Retro dome pearl ring made of 18 karat yellow gold with Midnight Blue enamel accents. The dome is set with 30 small seed pearls. Pearl size ranges from 2.5 to 3 mm in diameter. Italian work, Retro period, end of the 1950s.

    Owl hallmark

    Dome’s height : 13 mm
    Dome’s diameter: 14 mm

    Finger size : 51 EU or 5.75 US (size adjustment possible)

    Note: an old resizing has been carried out.
    Condition : little oxidation on the ring, minor signs of wears. Good general condition of the pearls.

    Weight: 6.60 gr

  • bague in memory ofbague souvenir fleur en or

    Victorian mourning flower ring in yellow gold 18 karats (750). Antique ring centered with a carved sardonyx flower, surrounded by half pearls. The shoulders of the ring are enamelled black and reveal the words “In memory of” in gold letters. Antique memento ring, England, Birmingham, circa 1865.

    Owl hallmark, Birmingham hallmark, 18 hallmark, anchor hallmark, letter T hallmark, woman in profile hallmark.

    Finger size : 54 EU or 7 US (resizing: possible by 1 or 2 sizes)

    Size of the bezel : 10 mm

    Condition : some enamel missing, scratches from use

    Weight : 3.12 gr

  • cluster turquoise gold ringbague ancienne turquoises perle

    Dome ring set with turquoise on an 18 karat gold setting.

  • bague perle diamants art decoart deco pearl diamond in platinum

    Art deco diamond pearl ring in gold 18 karats (750) and platinum (950). Circular ring centred of a white cultured pearl of approximately 7.7 mm, surrounded by 16 single cut diamonds. Art Deco ring, circa 1930, France.

    Eagle head hallmark and dog head hallmark

    Finger size: 53 EU or 6.25 US (can be changed)

    Diameter of the bezel: 13 mm
    Height of the bezel: 12 mm

    An analysis was carried out by the Laboratoire Français de Gemmologie on 20/06/2023, the details of which are given below:

    Characteristics of the pearl

    Identification : Beaded cultured pearl
    Environment : Saltwater
    Treatment : N – No indication of treatment
    Shape : Rounded
    Drilling : Half – drilled
    Measurements : 7.7 mm approx.

    Note: the analysis will be sent to the buyer
    Condition : Scratches from use

    Weight : 4,08 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • cultured pearl ring in goldbague perles d'akoya en or

    Modernist ring set with cultured pearls on a gold structure. Ring with geometric lines.

  • bague ancienne corail diamant en orbague corail diamant en or

    A 1970’s ring set with a coral pearl and rose-cut diamonds, on a 14 karat gold setting.

  • georgian locket gold ringbague du 19e siècle ancienne or 14k perles et cheveux

    Georgian mourning hair ring in 14k pink gold. An antique locket ring keeping a braid of hair enclosed behind glass crystal. It is framed by a halo of 16 seed pearls and the settings is formed by two separated strands adorned with an openwork pattern. Jewel from the beginning of the 19th century, circa 1810-1830.

    Finger size: 53 EU or 6.5 US (adjustment possible)

    Ring Head Size: 11 x 11mm

    Condition: old trace of size adjustment, wears on the glass, indentations behind the head of the ring.

    Weight: 2.11 gr

    Hair jewellery was very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Jewellery with compartments made it possible to keep a lock of hair of a lover or a missing person (later it will be the photograph). It can be a medallion or a ring for example.  There are also jewels made from hair, such as necklaces, chains, bracelets and rings. These hair jewels are worked like textiles: they are woven, embroidered, twisted. A whole craft industry developed around this new fashion, which lasted until the end of the 19th century.

    Read our article “how to recognize a real pearl?”

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague ancienne cheveuxbague souvenir deuil perles en or 10k

    Georgian mourning ring in 10k pink gold. This a sweet oval locket ring holding a braid of hair enclosed behind crystal. The braid is surrounded by a halo of 19 pearls and the panel is sat upon a delicate band separated into 3 openwork strands. The inscription : « Elizabeth Yve ob 2 sept.1810 aet 79 » inside the ring, indicating the date of death and the age of the personn. Jewel from the beginning of the 19th century.

    Finger size: 59 EU or 8,75 US (adjustment possible)

    Ring Head Size: 9 x 13 mm

    Condition: chips on the glass

    Weight: 3,43 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*