Art Deco jewelry

In total opposition to the Art Nouveau movement, Art Deco will emerge around 1915 with a desire for rigor, geometry and clean lines will emerge. The decorative and the spaghetti curve are over: it is the line that must guide the gesture, clear, precise, decided.

Platinum and white gold eclipse yellow gold. The jewelers give pride of place to diamonds, onyx, turquoise and emeralds. The maharajas arrived in Paris with chests full of stones and had the most beautiful jewels of the beginning of the century made. Art Deco is a global art, it does not only affect jewelry. Architecture, graphics, fashion, everything changes. The arrival of the war will put an end to this creative impetus in the mid 30s.



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  • art deco lucky pendant in gold New

    Art Deco lucky pig pendant in 18 karat (750) rose gold. Circular Art Deco lucky charm pendant, with a pig in profile, enamelled white with pink shades. Rare Art Deco lucky charm pendant, between 1924 and 1934, France.

    Marked with an eagle’s head and Victor Legard and Henri Dufau (active between 1924 and 1934). During the late 19th and early 20th centuries the pig was a popular lucky charm in France, England and Ireland, as well as Germany and Austria, where it was – and still is – known as Glücksschwein (‘good luck pig’)

    Dimensions: 21 mm x 15 mm

    Condition: missing enamel and scratches from use

    Weight: 1.19 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
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  • poudrier cartier londrespoudrier cartier londres en or massif New

    Gold Cartier compact powder case in 18 Karat Gold  (750). A small box designed as a powder compact, opening to reveal two compartments: one containing face powder accompanied by an ostrich feather applicator; the other capable of holding a small lipstick. A verre églomisé mirror allows for makeup application. The box is delicately adorned with fine stripes on the lid and base. The ends of the box are enamelled in black. The push-button is made of platinum and embellished with two baguette-cut diamonds, each weighing 0.05 carats. An antique Cartier London powder compact, circa 1930, London.

    Hallmarks include the owl, 18, crown, tiger’s head (London), J.C, letter T, and Cartier London mark above the mirror.

    Total estimated diamond weight: 0.15 carats

    Dimensions: 8 x 4.2 cm x 1.2 cm

    Condition: Minimal enamel loss and signs of wear

    Weight: 160.22 gr

  • Silver onyx cigarette case Hermès parisboite ancienne hermes paris New

    Hermes Art Deco Cigarette Case in 935 Silver and Onyx. Rectangular Art Deco cigarette case in 935 fine silver, opening to a compartment that can hold cigarettes. The ends of the box are adorned with two onyx plaques, and the push-button features a geometric faceted onyx. The case has a textured design framed by three thin gadroons running across the object. The cigarette case is signed Hermes Paris on the inside of the case, from the Art Deco period, circa 1930, France.

    Hallmark 935, Hermes Paris mark, Hermes maker’s mark (active since 1922).

    Dimensions: 9.8 cm x 8 cm x 0.8 cm

    Note: In a non-original Hermes box. Condition: Minor usage scratches.

    Weight: 132.35 gr

  • étui Art Deco en écailles et rubisétui Art Deco en or et rubis New

    Art deco gold tortoiseshell cigarette case in 18 karat yellow gold (750). Elegant cigarette case made from translucent brown tortoiseshell with gold stripes. The hinge and push-button of the box are made of 18 karat gold. The push-button is set with a synthetic ruby cabochon. The perfect accessory for gentlemen and gentlewomen. Art Deco cigarette case, circa 1930, France.

    Hallmarks: Eagle’s head hallmark (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold) and silversmith’s hallmark.

    Dimensions: 8.5 x 6 cm

    Note: In a case (not original).

    Condition: Fine scratches from use.

    Weight: 45.57 gr

  • art deco diamond turquoise broochart deco diamond turquoise brooch in platinum New

    Turquoise and diamond brooch in 18 karat (750) gold and platinum. Antique brooch set with three turquoise cabochons linked by two platinum scrolls each set with 13 rose-cut diamonds (26 in total). Art Deco brooch, circa 1925, France.

    Partially inscribed eagle head hallmark (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold) and goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Dimensions: 11 x 46 mm

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.20 carat

    Diameter of the central turquoise: 7 mm

    Note: the fastening system works
    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight : 7.38 gr

  • boutons de manchette en argent et perleArt deco silver mother of pearls cufflinks

    Art Deco pearl cufflinks in silver (935). The cufflinks are circular in shape, centered with a pearl, surrounded by black enamel arranged on a mother-of-pearl disk. The edges of the cufflinks are decorated with regular black enameled lines. This pair of cufflinks dates back to the 1930s, during the Art Deco period.

    « Charançon” hallmark, “935” mark, and an illegible maker’s mark.

    Dimensions of one cufflink: 14 x 14 mm

    Condition: oxidations, signs of wear.

    Weight: 5.61 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • art deco platinum dog pendantAntique art deco dog pendant

    Art Deco dog pendant made of 18 karat rose gold (750) and platinum. This tiny pendant is triangular in shape, featuring a seated dog intricately crafted in openwork at the center. This piece of jewelry can also be worn on a charm bracelet. Art Deco pendant, circa 1930, from France.

    French hallmark eagle’s head and an illegible goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Dimensions (including the bail): 23 x 12 mm

    Condition: minor signs of wear and deformations

    Weight: 0.40 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
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  • bague diamant platineDiamond platinum ring

    Art Deco diamond ring in 18 karat white gold (750) and platinum. Exquisite Art Deco ring centered around a diamond weighing approximately 0.03 carats. The platinum structure holding the diamond is composed of geometric lines, forming a hexagon and crafted in an openwork design. The platinum has been adorned with beading. An antique ring, circa 1925, France.

    Eagle head hallmark, dog head hallmark (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Finger size: 64.5 EU or 10.75 US (resizing possible but may result in losing the hallmarks)

    Dimensions of the setting: 12 x 10 mm

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.03 carats

    Condition: Small chips on the stone and signs of wear

    Weight: 1.71 gr

  • clip de revers art deco en orClip de revers perles

    Art Deco pearl clip brooch in 18-karat rose and yellow gold (750). The geometric motif takes the form of an L in rose gold, flanked by two bars in different shades of yellow gold. The clip is adorned with 6 white cultured pearls, all of the same diameter, arranged at the ends of the jewel. Dating from the transitional period between Art Deco and Retro, circa 1935/1940.

    Hallmarked with the eagle’s head (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold) and the jeweler’s hallmark for Laurent & Bernard (active in Paris since 1931).

    Dimensions: 24 x 20 mm
    Diameter of a pearl: 4 mm

    Note: this jewel can be worn on the lapel of a shirt collar, a jacket collar or as head jewellery.
    Condition: minor signs of wear

    Weight: 6.4 gr


  • enamel watch pendant Art Deco

    Art Deco enamel pendant watch in 18 karat yellow gold (750) and platinum. A rare rectangular-shaped pendant watch, enameled on one side in green color and adorned with a blossoming branch motif influenced by Japanese Arts. The four flowers are represented by 23 rose-cut diamonds. The four corners of the jewel are set with four rose-cut diamonds. The bale is richly decorated with 6 rose-cut diamonds set in platinum. The back of the jewel reveals an Arabic numeral dial arranged in reverse, ensuring that the time is visible when the piece is worn as a pendant. Art Deco pendant watch, circa 1930.

    Dimensions: 35 x 17 x 7 mm

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.18 carat

    Note: Request a quote for a revision.
    Condition: tiny chip in the glass protecting the dial

    Weight: 17.07 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
    See our antique chains

    “Jewelry watch collection”

  • boucles d'oreille en or et diamantsboucles d'oreille diamants

    Long earrings diamonds in white gold 14 karats (585). These dangling earrings feature a row of rose-cut diamonds and fancy-cut diamonds, along with two Dutch-cut diamonds as pendants. The two diamonds at the ends of the jewelry piece are set within two circular elements resembling a target, reflecting the Art Deco style. The central diamonds are arranged in a bell-shaped setting. There’s a likelihood that these earrings were reassembled from older jewelry pieces.

    Hallmarks: Shell (14k gold control mark)

    Dimensions: 43 mm x 10 mm

    Estimated Diamond Weight: 0.89 carat

    Note: The butterfly clasps are made of 18-karat gold.
    Condition: Oxidation, inclusions in the diamonds, minor chip in one stone.

    Weight : 5.86 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • Boutons de manchette en or émailléBoutons de manchette en or

    Art Deco enameld cufflinks are made of 18 karat yellow gold and feature a circular design with black enamel concentric circles on a gold background, creating a target-like pattern. The edges of the gold circles are adorned with notched borders. These cufflinks date from the early 20th century.

    Hallmark : eagle’s head

    Diameter : 14 mm

    Condition : slight indentation, enamel defects

    Weight : 4,69 gr