Vintage brooches

Vintage brooches is a category that includes all brooches from the second half of the 10th century. Second hand brooches, Retro brooches, contemporary brooches. The vintage brooches are less than 50 years old, they are coming back today. It is worn on jacket lapels, hats, coats.


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  • Raymond templier brooch in silverBroche signée Raymond Templier New

    Raymond Templier brooch in silver. Rare brooch by Raymond Templier (1891-1968) from the 1950s, featuring an abstract motif in geometric shapes. Brooch by Raymond Templier, circa 1950/1955, France.

    Signed Raymond Templier, boar hallmark, Raymond Templier goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Dimensions: 25 x 61 mm

    Note: a jewelry drawing on tracing paper by Raymond Templier, in the collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, has a design similar to our brooch (see photo).

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight : 9.51 gr

    Biography: Raymond Templier (1891-1968) was a renowned French jeweler, famous for his avant-garde, modernist designs. Born into a family of jewelers, he continued his studies at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, where he developed his taste for contemporary design. As a founding member of the Union des Artistes Modernes (UAM) in 1929, Templier was a pioneer of the Art Deco movement, distinguished by his geometric, streamlined jewelry. He combined metals and precious stones in innovative compositions that reflected the spirit of his age.

  • Clip brooch in gold from Louis HeisslerRetro lapel clip with sapphires

    Retro French sapphire lapel clip in 18 karat gold. Cylindrical and geometric lapel clip decorated with a line of four calibrated synthetic sapphires. This lapel clip can be worn on a jacket or as a brooch. Dating from the Retro period and designed in the style of Mauboussin, it was made by Louis Heissler, circa 1935/1940 in France.

    Eagle head hallmark and hallmark of the Louis Heissler workshop, which worked for Mauboussin from the 1940s to the 1960s, numbered.

    Dimensions: 32 x 22 mm

    Estimated sapphire weight: 0.08 carat

    Condition: light scratches from use

    Weight : 10.69 gr

  • Aquamarine clip lapel in gold

    Aquamarine clip brooch in 18 karat yellow gold and platinum. Retro period lapel clip in the form of a trapezoid ribbon, centered on a large pear-cut aquamarine weighing approx. 7.17 carats. The clip is decorated with platinum bands set with 13 rose-cut diamonds. Retro period lapel clip, circa 1940.

    Owl and mascaron hallmarks (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold and platinum)

    Dimensions: 41 mm x 26 mm

    Aquamarine dimensions: 26.4 x 12 x 6.10 mm

    Estimated aquamarine weight: 7.17 carats
    Estimated diamond weight: 0.13 carat

    Condition: lightly scratched, oxidized

    Weight : 15.84 gr

  • broche fleur style maison huglerbroche coquelicot en or maison hugler

    Austrian poppy flower brooch in 14 karat white gold. Retro brooch forming a poppy with pink agate petals, tinted. The heart of the flower is made of onyx centered with an old cut diamond. The leaves are finely executed in nephrite jade. The agate, onyx and nephrite have been carved by hand. The white gold stem is set with five rose-cut diamonds. Austrian vintage jewel of the 1940s/1950s, Vienna, signed R.T.

    Austrian hallmark for 14 karat gold, mark “585”, R.T. goldsmith’s hallmark

    This work is similar to the Austrian Hugler’s House of the same period.

    Dimensions: 47 mm x 21 mm

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.05 carat

    Note: the clasp and its security are working
    Condition : scratches from use

    Weight : 6.13 gr