It is possible to say that since there are men, there are rings. Thus there are all types of ancient rings: simple ring or complicated work, ring of mourning or promises of love, gold, simple metal, hair or elephant hair, secret or claim, the ring is a jewel that is worn easily and is shown in all environments, at all times. It is worn alone or combined with others, on one, two or three fingers. Sometimes even on each finger. Men are not left out: old rings of small finger as the signet ring, which was used to affix his seal; rings of bishop, because yes: the ring can be religious. Memento Mori rings to remember the loved one, to contemplate the emptiness of his existence.

As you can see, there are antique rings for everyone. It is up to you to find the one(s) that suits you best.


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  • Pautot signed gold medalart nouveau birth gold medal Out of Stock

    Art Nouveau medal signed Pautot in 18-karat rose gold (750). A child inscribes “M.J.A July 25, 1925” on a ribbon. Three birds are watching him. Circa 1920/1925, Art Nouveau, France.

    Eagle head hallmark. Signed.

    Dimensions (with bail): 25 x 18 mm

    Condition: patina, small dents on back.

    Weight : 0.92 gr

  • bague camée ancien bélierGold roman cameo ring New

    Antique ram cameo ring in 14-karat rose gold (585) centered around an agate cameo depicting two rams side by side. One has its head turned towards the inside of the ring. Roman cameo from the 1st or 2nd century AD, 19th-century setting. Adjustable ring size: 6.75 US

    Cameo dimensions: 12.5 mm x 13.4 mm

    Condition: loss on the edge of the cameo, setting with depressions.

    Weight: 3.29 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • french gold gimmel ringantique gimmel ring

    Gimmel ring in 18k rose gold (750). It opens and closes by interlocking the rings. The rings are delicately engraved on the edge. Inside, the rings bear the names of the married couple: A. de Petiville and LE. de Treprel for Augustine Tardif de Petitville (1824-1861) and Louis Hélie de Treprel (1825-1881). The marriage took place in September 1844, although the exact date is not indicated (we found the marriage certificate). Paired or twin rings have the peculiarity of opening into two distinct rings that remain linked, symbolizing two souls brought together, separate yet inseparable. They were traditionally given on the occasion of a wedding. Ring dating from 1844, France.

    Ring Size: 54 EU or 6.75 US (cannot be resized)

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight: 1.66 g

  • antique coral gold ringbague ancienne corail en or

    Edwardian coral ring in 18-karat rose gold (750). The ring is adorned with a large round cabochon of dark orange coral. The coral displays visible “flame” growth lines, apparent to the naked eye and typical of this gem. The ring’s band is simple, with only a few chiselings under the cabochon, revealing a floral motif. Antique ring, early 20th century.

    Eagle head hallmark (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Finger size: 46 EU or 3.5 US (resizing possible)

    Dimensions of the coral cabochon: 12 x 7 mm

    Weight: 3.04 g

    Gemology note: Coral is an organic gem. Only the branched limestone trunks of certain corals are used in jewelry. Its color is due to organic pigments close to carotene: ranging from blood red to white, passing through “angel skin” pink. Currently, most coral species are protected by CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

  • bague tank spinelle diamantstank diamond ring

    Tank ring with diamonds in 18-karat white gold (750) and platinum. Tank ring set with a synthetic blue spinel of square cut. The spinel faces two lines of four old-cut diamonds (eight diamonds in total) set on a raised roll. The ring has harmonious volumes, sometimes rounded, sometimes geometric, typical of this period. Tank ring, circa 1940.

    Owl hallmark (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold)

    Finger size: 52 EU or 6 US (resizeable)

    Estimated weight of diamonds: 0.46 ct
    Estimated weight of synthetic spinel: 2.5 ct

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight: 7 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • Art Deco diamond ringWedding ring in platinum

    Art Deco diamond ring in 14-karat gold (585) and platinum. Hexagonal Art Deco ring set with three old mine cut diamonds in a bezel setting. The ring is elegantly decorated with geometric lines and openwork motifs, typical of the Art Deco period. Antique ring, Italy, circa 1925.

    Finger size: 52 EU or 6 US (resizeable)

    Dimensions of the setting: 18 x 10 mm
    Estimated weight of the central diamonds: 0.15 ct

    Condition: fine scratches from use

    Weight: 2.22 gr

  • art deco style aquamarine diamond ringbague aigue-marine en or blanc

    Aquamarine and diamond ring in 18-karat white gold (750). Art Deco-style octagonal ring centered on a large oval aquamarine. The aquamarine weighs 1.75 carats, set with four double prongs and surrounded by 12 diamonds. The diamonds are brilliant-cut, with two of them having princess-cut (square) on the shoulders. French jewel.

    Eagle’s head hallmark (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold) and maker’s mark SC

    Finger size: 51 EU or 5.5 US (resizable)

    Dimensions of the setting: 13 x 15 mm

    Estimated weight of the aquamarine: 1.75 carats

    Total weight of the diamonds: 0.60 carat

    Condition: fine scratches from use

    Weight: 4.27 gr


  • bague belle epoque fiançaillesdiamond wedding ring art deco period

    Art Deco diamond ring made of platinum. The ring is set with two old cut diamonds of 0.23 ct each mounted on it, shouldered by three small diamonds of 0.01 cts on each side in a leaf pattern. It makes 8 diamonds ! The top of the ring is openwork with scroll patterns. Art Deco diamond ring, 1930.

    Unknown mark inside.

    Size of the ring: 54 or 7 (adjustment possible)

    Ring head size: 0.4 x 1 cm x 0.4 cm

    Estimated diamond clarity : SI1 (graphite inclusions visible through the table)
    Size of the main and side diamonds : respectively old cut and 8/8 cut
    Estimated weight of the central diamonds : about 0.23 carat each
    Total estimated diamond weight: 0.52 carat

    Condition: wears of use (polishing is possible on request)

    Weight: 2,36 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague marquise grenats de perpignanPerpignan garnet ring in gold

    Marquise Catalan garnets ring in 18-karat rose gold. This marquise-shaped ring features a navette-cut garnet at its center, surrounded by eight round garnets cut in the Perpignan style. The central garnet is mounted on a structure fixed by attachments/rings to the ring head. The “Perpignan cut” garnets are mounted on paillons and set in a closed setting. They typically have a raspberry, pink-red color, which is typical of Catalan jewelry, with a range of nuances that are revealed in sunlight. The ring has understated decoration on the shoulders. The gold structure is finely decorated with V-shaped triangular figures on the edges, and the bottoms of the gem settings are domed. This regional marquise ring is from the mid-19th century in France.

    Horse head hallmark (1838-1919) and Mercury head hallmark. Illegible regional hallmark.

    Finger size: 58 EU or 8.25 US

    Ring head dimensions: 17 mm x 11 mm.

    Condition: scratches from use and oxidation.

    Weight: 2.4 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

    Expédié sous 2 jours ouvrés

  • bague émeraudes diamants en orEmerald diamond ring

    Cluster emerald diamond ring in 18 karat rose gold (750) and Silver. Impressive marquise-shaped ring composed of three tiers, each set with emeralds and diamonds. The center of the ring is set with an emerald cut in an emerald shape with stepped facets. The emerald is surrounded by a set of 12 rose-cut diamonds and 14 round emeralds. The ring is richly adorned with scrolls at the basket level, and the ring’s shoulders are adorned with a leaf motif. Antique ring, circa 1930, likely of Italian origin.

    Owl and swan hallmark (French State hallmarks for 18 karat gold)
    Finger Size: 55 EU or 7.25 US (resizable)

    Estimated Weight of Central Emerald: 0.38 carats
    Total Estimated Emerald Weight: 1.36 carats
    Total Estimated Diamond Weight: 0.12 carats

    Condition: Vintage setting, signs of wear

    Weight: 7.49 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague en or et diamantbague diamant solitaire en or

    Solitaire engagement ring in 18-karat white gold (750) and platinum. This ring features a brilliant-cut diamond weighing 0.10 carats, secured by eight prongs. The setting is adorned with a decorative pattern of radiating points around the diamond. This Retro ring hails from around 1940 and was crafted in Lyon, France.

    Eagle’s head and dog’s head, along with the maker’s mark of Alphonse Moussière, an active jeweler in Lyon since 1902.

    Finger size: 53 EU or 6.25 US (resizable).

    Diameter of the setting: 9 mm.

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.10 carat.

    Condition: Minor signs of wear.

    Weight: 3.51 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague art deco diamanttank diamond ring in gold

    Wavy diamond tank ring in 18 karat (750) rose gold and platinum. The ring is adorned with 14 rose-cut diamonds set on a platinum base, arranged in two rows. The ring creates a voluminous wave-like pattern. This tank ring is from the Retro period, circa 1940, in France.

    Eagle’s head hallmark (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Ring size: 57 EU or 8 US (resizable).

    Ring head width: 13 mm.

    Condition: Normal signs of wear.

    Weight: 8.56 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

    Jewellery history: Retro jewellery is characterised by the use of yellow gold, the development of 3-D volumes and the rarity of precious stones. Here we have a perfect example of such jewellery: a large volume. The Second World War had a considerable impact on jewellery fashion at the time, sweeping aside the Art Deco taste for ‘white’, geometric ‘flat’ and abundant gemstones.