Opal rings

Opal rings are quite wonderful jewelry because it is a stone with multiple colors that constantly changes when you have it on your finger. It has been said for a long time that opals bring bad luck and this is a rumor that comes from two sources: the opal is a more fragile stone than the more famous stones like ruby, sapphire or diamond. It has made the misfortune of some jewelers who broke it when they set the opal rings. It is also following a novel by Sir Walter Scott, Anne of Geierstein or the Daughter of the Mists in which Lady Hermione is accused of witchcraft and dies shortly after her opal has received a few drops of holy water. Well, we love opals and so far they have not brought us bad luck!


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  • Antique opal diamond ringbague opale arlequin et diamants

    Edwardian opal diamond ring in 18 karat yellow gold and platinum. Antique ring with a large oval cabochon-cut precious opal. The opal is surrounded by 25 rose-cut diamonds in a platinum setting. The shoulders of the ring are decorated with stylized leaves in platinum. The opal is translucent and has a beautiful play of blue, green, yellow and orange colors. Antique ring, Edwardian period, circa 1920, France.

    Eagle head hallmark (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold).

    Finger size: 55 UE or 7.25 US (can be changed)

    Dimensions: 23 x 14 mm

    Estimated opal weight: 3.8 carats

    Condition: scratches from use, small dent in the gold underneath

    Weight : 4.39 gr

  • bague vintage opale en orbague opale en or

    Retro opal ring in 14 karat (750) rose gold. Vintage ring centered on a cabochon-cut opal in an openwork gold bezel decorated with scrolls. The opal is translucent, with a beautiful play of colors in green, blue, red, orange and yellow. Vintage ring, circa 1950.

    14k mark inside the ring, shell hallmark.

    Finger circumference: 51 EU or 5.5 US (possible sizing)

    Bezel size: 14 x 15 mm

    Estimated opal weight: 1.82 carats

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight : 3.27 gr

  • Art Deco cluster opal diamond ringbague marguerite opale en platine

    Art Deco cluster opal ring in platinum (950). This antique cluster ring features a central cabochon-cut opal set in a close setting, surrounded by twelve old-cut diamonds. The opal shows vibrant play-of-color with shades of violet, blue, and green, accented by hints of orange. The ring’s gallery is delicately detailed with scrollwork. This Art Deco period ring dates to circa 1930 and originates from France.

    Hallmarks: Dog’s head (french hallmark for platinum) and maker’s mark.

    Ring Size: 51 EU or 5.75 US (Resizable).

    Top dimensions: 18 x 14 mm.
    Opal weight: 1.03 carats.

    Estimated total diamond weight: 0.48 carats.

    Condition: surface abrasions, signs of wear.

    Weight: 8.18 gr

    Gemology and beliefs: Opals come in various types, with noble opals being the kind that exhibits play-of-color. This captivating effect is caused by tiny, uniformly sized spheres of silica. When light hits these spheres and is refracted, it produces a dazzling display of colors on the opal’s surface. In contrast, common opals lack this play-of-color, as their spheres are disordered and of varying sizes, giving them a milky appearance. Opals have been associated with the power of invisibility in folklore, earning them the title “Patronus forum” (patron of thieves) during the late Middle Ages.

  • bague art nouveau opale trefleantique opal clover ring in gold

    A 19th century lucky ring set with cabochon-cut opals and half pearls.