Vintage rings

Vintage rings are rings that are less than 50 years old. These are rings from the 80s, 90s, 2000s. They are made of gold and can be found with all types of stones. They can be of any shape, inspired by other eras. We specify in our cards when the rings are “of style”, and it will always be mentioned vintage or second hand jewel when the jewel is less than 50 years old.


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  • bague sourire style Fredsapphire diamond ring in gold

    Diamond sapphire smile ring in 18 karat (750) yellow gold. System ring set with a line of 9 square calibrated sapphires in a rail setting, forming a smile. This ring can be opened and closed in a single movement. The surface of the ring is set with ten brilliant-cut diamonds. Ring signed Sifani.

    Mark 750 and “Sifani”.

    Finger size: 55 EU or 7.25 US (cannot be changed)

    Open ring width: 11 mm

    Width of closed ring: 8 mm

    Estimated sapphire weight: 0.9 carat
    Estimated diamond weight: 0.10 carat

    Note: the ring’s opening and closing system works.
    Condition: scratches from use and traces of heat treatment.

    Weight : 12.51 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • 0.20ct diamond gypsy ringbague jonc diamant or massif

    Solid gold diamond gypsy ring, 18 Karat. Pre-owned band ring centered with a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 0.20 carats. The ring has a plain and rounded design. Vintage band ring, circa 2000.

    Owl hallmark (french state hallmark for 18-karat gold)

    Finger size: 49 EU or 4.75 US (resizing possible, inquire for a quote)

    Band width: 7.3 mm

    Diamond Characteristics:
    Shape-cut: round brilliant
    Dimensions: 3.47-3.69×2.36 mm
    Estimated weight: 0.20 carats
    Estimated color: I
    Estimated clarity: VS2
    Cut: Good
    Polish: Good
    Symmetry: Good
    Fluorescence: Faint
    Estimated type: Type Ia

    Condition: Signs of wear

    Weight: 8.18 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • solitaire or blanc

    Solitaire diamond 0.70 ct ring diamond set in 18-karat white gold (750 thousandths). This vintage solitaire ring is adorned with a brilliant-cut diamond held in place by six prongs, weighing exactly 0.70 carats. The ring is of French origin, dating back to circa 1990.

    Eagle’s head (French hallmark for 18-karat gold).

    Finger size: 54 EU or 6.75 US (resizable).

    A certificate was issued by the French Gemology Laboratory on 27/07/2016, providing the following details about the diamond:

    Characteristics of the diamond:
    Shape-Cut: Round Brilliant
    Dimensions: 6.06-6.19×3.15 mm
    Weight: 0.70 carat
    Color: F
    Clarity: VVS2
    Cut: Fair
    Polish: Good
    Symmetry: Good
    Fluorescence: Medium
    Comments: Evidence of the diamond’s rough shape

    Note: The certificate from the French Gemology Laboratory can be provided upon request and will be given to the buyer.
    Condition: scratches on the inside of the ring.

    Weight: 3.47 gr

  • bague cocktail en orRetro dome ring in gold

    Retro dome pearl ring made of 18 karat yellow gold with Midnight Blue enamel accents. The dome is set with 30 small seed pearls. Pearl size ranges from 2.5 to 3 mm in diameter. Italian work, Retro period, end of the 1950s.

    Owl hallmark

    Dome’s height : 13 mm
    Dome’s diameter: 14 mm

    Finger size : 51 EU or 5.75 US (size adjustment possible)

    Note: an old resizing has been carried out.
    Condition : little oxidation on the ring, minor signs of wears. Good general condition of the pearls.

    Weight: 6.60 gr

  • vintage ring in platinumbague fleur platine et or diamant

    Platinum cluster ring in 18 karat white gold and platinum. In the center, three zirconia (CZ) are set in claws in an openwork radial decoration, six other stones decorate the ring around. Ring from the late Retro period, 60’s – 70’s.

    French dog’s head hallmark, eagle’s head hallmark, illegible goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Diameter of the ring head: 17 mm

    Finger size : 50 UE or 5,25 US (possible sizing)

    Weight : 4,36 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague ancienne art deco diamantsbague art deco diamants

    Art Deco style diamond ring in white gold 18 karats. Octagonal ring entirely set with diamonds. The central brilliant cut diamond of about 0.20 carat is set in a pearl setting. The main diamond is surrounded by 20 baguette-cut and fancy diamonds forming a radiating decoration. The whole is surrounded by 24 brilliant-cut diamonds set in an octagon and highlighted by a pearl setting. The geometrical style of this ring resumes the codes of the Art Deco jewellery of the 1930s. Art Deco ring, late 20th century, France.

    Eagle head hallmark, illegible goldsmith’s hallmark

    Finger size :  59 UE or 8.75 US (can be changed)

    Bezel size : 17 x 17.5 mm

    Estimated weight of the central diamond : 0.20 carat
    Total estimated weight of the diamonds : 1.45 carat

    Condition : scratches inside the ring

    Weight : 8.3 gr

  • bague péridot améthyste

    Peridot and amethyst trilogy ring in 18 karat (750) white gold. Second-hand ring set with two troïda-cut amethysts, supporting a large fancy-cut peridot. The peridot is a beautiful olive-green colour tending towards yellow, while the amethysts are a beautiful intense violet. Vintage ring, circa 1990, France

    Eagle head hallmark and illegible goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Finger size: 54 EU or 6.75 US (can be resized)

    Estimated peridot weight: 4.66 carats
    Estimated weight of the amethysts: 0.92 carats each

    Condition: scratches from use and scratches inside the ring

    Weight : 6.95 gr

  • antique gold wedding ringalliance ancienne pans coupés

    Vintage wedding band 18 karat gold (750).  Vintage wedding band decorated with fine chased lines. Inside, the ring bears the inscription V-O 30-9-89. Second-hand jewelry, 20th century, France.

    Eagle head hallmark and goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Finger size: 59 EU or 8.5 US

    Condition: scratches from use, engraving inside the ring.

    Weight : 3.02 gr

  • ruby star set ring in goldruby star set bombe ring

    A delightful ball ring, also known as a “constellation”, studded with round rubies in a star setting.

  • ruby ring in gold

    Vintage ring centred on a beautiful natural oval raspberry (pink-red) ruby weighing approximately 1.95 carats.

  • taurus astrologic ring in goldtaurus zodiac ring in gold

    Retro ring zodiac sign Taurus made by Charles Perroud. Jewellery astrological sign.

  • sapphire bridal ring in goldbague fiançailles saphirs diamants

    Vintage engagement ring with a typical Art Deco style. Ring from the 2000s.