Modern Lapis Lazuli ring

Modern ring from the seventies adorned with a lapis lazuli ball on an 18k yellow gold setting. The ball turns on itself.

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Modern Lapis Lazuli ring, retro style : ring made of 18 karats yellow gold in openwork, surmounted by a rotating sphere in lapis lazuli. Deep blue hue. French work, circa 1970.

The lapis lazuli presents natural inlays of pyrite of golden color, and whitish veins tinted in blue to attenuate the contrast.

Eagle’s head hallmark. Partially erased silversmith’s mark.

Total diameter : 16 mm
Sphere’s diameter : 12 mm
Height : 14 mm

Ring size: 58 UE or 8.25 US (no size adjustment possible)

Note : wears

Weight : 12.2 gr

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bague système lapis lazuli

Modern Lapis Lazuli ring