Animal jewelry

The animal jewels are jewels of all kinds representing our friends the animals. Lucky animals: the pig, the elephant, the horse, the stork, the ladybug; animals symbol of fidelity: the dog, the swallow, the snake; and all the animals which can accompany our daily life discreetly around the neck, the wrist: cats, mice, frogs, lions, birds…


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  • art deco lucky pendant in gold New

    Art Deco lucky pig pendant in 18 karat (750) rose gold. Circular Art Deco lucky charm pendant, with a pig in profile, enamelled white with pink shades. Rare Art Deco lucky charm pendant, between 1924 and 1934, France.

    Marked with an eagle’s head and Victor Legard and Henri Dufau (active between 1924 and 1934). During the late 19th and early 20th centuries the pig was a popular lucky charm in France, England and Ireland, as well as Germany and Austria, where it was – and still is – known as Glücksschwein (‘good luck pig’)

    Dimensions: 21 mm x 15 mm

    Condition: missing enamel and scratches from use

    Weight: 1.19 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
    See our antique chains

  • pearl diamond ruby bee tie pinpearl diamond ruby bee tie pin in platinum

    Edwardian bee tie pin in 18 karat rose gold (750) and platinum. The bug is adorned with small garnets for eyes, a square ruby and a fine pearl on its body, and two rose-cut diamonds on its platinum wings. This tie pin dates back to the early 20th century in France. Looks wonderful on a silk tie or lapel.

    Hallmarks: Eagle’s head (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold) and an illegible maker’s mark.

    Bee dimensions: 12.24 mm x 8 mm
    Total height: 5.7 cm

    Estimated ruby weight: 0.05 carats
    Estimated pearl dimensions: 2.36 mm x 3.26 mm

    Condition: Normal signs of wear, oxidation

    Weight: 1.48 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • georgian diamond black enamel ringsecret locket ring in gold

    Georgian poison ring with a diamond in 18-karat yellow gold (750). The ring’s setting is square, featuring an old-cut diamond set in silver at its center, surrounded by a black enamel background. The ring’s shank is hollow and intricately decorated with raised flowers and leaves. This is an antique poison or reliquary ring, with its secret compartment permanently sealed shut. Nevertheless, the ring retains its charm.

    Ram’s head hallmark (1819-1838).

    Finger size: 59 EU or 8.75 US (resizable upon request)

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.10 carats

    Condition: Old resizing mark; sealed secret compartment; antique soldering

    Weight: 4.49 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*


  • Edwardian gold charm's braceletantique edwardian gold charm's bracelet

    Antique charms Music Love and Luck bracelet in 14 karat yellow gold (585). Vintage bracelet with oval links decorated with small circles and small floral motifs. This bracelet is adorned with fifteen charms (detailed below). Antique bracelet on the theme of Music, Love and Luck. Early 20th century.

    Marked 585 (foreign hallmark for 14 karat gold)

    Length: 19.7 cm

    Note: lobster clasp.
    Condition: some charms are in metal, two in silver and eight in 14 karat gold. Scratches from use.

    Weight : 16 gr

    – An elephant with red enamel in 14 karat rose gold
    – A rattle in 14 karat rose gold
    – A playing card Ace of Spades in metal
    – A four-leaf clover lucky charm in metal
    – A key holding a heart in silver
    – A zeppelin with the inscription ‘I love’ in 14 karat yellow gold
    – A pink pig eating a four-leaf clover in silver
    – A piano in metal
    – A maritime anchor in 14 karat rose gold
    – A trumpet in 14 karat yellow gold
    – A cello in metal
    – A coat of arms in metal
    – A flower pot in 14 karat yellow gold
    – A red enamel mandolin in 14 karat yellow gold
    – A red and white enamel accordion in 14 karat gold

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague chaton pivotant en orbague pivotante ancienne empire

    King of Rome swivel ring in 18-karat yellow gold (750). This delicate antique rotating ring features a small, pivoting gold medal at its center. One side of the medal displays the profile of the Roi de Rome, commemorating the birth of Napoleon I’s son in 1811. On the reverse side of the medal, you’ll find the Capitoline Wolf, a mythical symbol associated with the founding of Rome. The ring band itself is slender and understated. This historically significant souvenir ring hails from the Empire era, circa 1810, France.

    Finger Size: 57/58 EU or 8/8.25 US (Resizable upon request)

    Note: The pivoting mechanism is functional.
    Condition: Showing signs of wear.

    Weight: 1.13 grams

  • Pendentif oiseau en orpendentif réunionnais en or

    French Reunion island gold pendant in 18 karat yellow gold (750). This pendant features a map of Reunion Island, with Saint Louis and Saint Pierre. The map is flown over by a sphaeton bird, iconic white bird of the island. Second-hand pendant, circa 1990.

    Dimensions (including clasp): 20 mm x 20 mm

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight : 1 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
    See our antique chains

  • 5500,00

    Lizard sapphire turquoise brooch in 18 karat (750) yellow gold. Brooch representing a lizard whose back is set with an alternating line of 11 sapphires and 10 turquoise cabochons. The rendering of the scales is precisely executed with chasing, giving the jewel a naturalistic look. Animal brooch from the 1960s.

    Eagle head hallmark and hallmark of the Parisian silversmith Chevrier, Huot & Didelot (active between 1949 and 1961).

    Dimensions: 2.8 x 6 cm

    Note : An identical model, signed by Cartier, can be seen on Hervé Chassaing’s website. It is possible that the workshop that made this brooch did so for Cartier Paris, or proposed models that the company then signed.
    Provenance: Former collection of a lapidary who worked in a subcontracting workshop for Cartier Paris.

    Weight: 13.75 g

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • croche cristal d'essex en orantique essex crystal gold brooch

    Fox crystal Essex brooch in 18 karat yellow gold. Antique English brooch with a large round Essex crystal, carved inside with a fox’s head, on a white silvered background. The rock crystal is polished and in a closed setting, the outline of the setting is decorated with a twisted strand of gold, itself surrounded by a series of fine pearls. Early 20th century brooch, Edwardian period, probably from England.

    Owl hallmark

    Diameter: 25 mm
    Diameter of the crystal: 17 mm

    Note: the fastening system works

    Weight : 9,8 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • epingle serre aigle ancienneepingle serre aigle

    Eagle’s claw pearl pin in pink and yellow gold 18 karats (750). Victorian pin with an eagle claw holding a pearl of 3.6 mm. Tie pin, late 19th century, France.

    Eagle head hallmark, trace of numbering and master hallmark.

    Dimensions of the pattern : 13 mm x 7 mm

    Condition : scratches from use

    Weight : 2 gr

  • pendentif plique a jour ArthusArthus bertrand pendentif zodiaque taureau

    Antique medal from the 1920s, showing the astrological sign of Taurus in plique-à-jour enamel, made by Arthus Bertrand.

  • taurus astrologic ring in goldtaurus zodiac ring in gold

    Retro ring zodiac sign Taurus made by Charles Perroud. Jewellery astrological sign.

  • bracelet tubogas serpent rubis diamantsbracelet tubogas serpent en or

    Snake tubogas bracelet in yellow gold 18 karats (750). The bracelet is made with gold tubogas (gaspipe) representing the body of the reptile. The top of the head of the snake is set with nine single cut diamonds, the eyes are represented by two rubies. The clasp is a ratchet box with a safety ring. It is discreetly hidden in the head of the reptile and thus forms its forked tongue.

    Eagle head hallmark and PP goldsmith hallmark. Animal Ouroboros jewelry from the 50’s, Retro period. French jewelry.

    Total length : 19.5 cm

    Estimated weight of the diamonds : 0,27 carat
    Estimated weight of the rubies : 0,04 carat

    Condition : usual wears, two soldering points

    Weight : 25.23 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*