Antique medals

Antique medals can be religious medals but not necessarily. It is obvious that we will find all the medals of baptism, communion, medals of Virgin Mary, small fine crosses, representations of Saint Christopher or Saint Joseph. But medals can also be symbolic or sentimental without being religious. They can be the testimony of a love, as proven by the Augis medals: they are medals of love, on which are inscribed like a rebus the message “I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow”. The medal is a flat jewel, which is worn at the end of a chain or sometimes on a bracelet.


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  • Christopher art deco pendant in gold

    Art Deco Saint-Christopher medal in 18 karat yellow gold and platinum. Rectangular religious medal pendant featuring Saint-Christophe helping the infant Jesus cross a river. The reverse of the medal is decorated with two motorists and an airplane, as well as the phrase (In French) “Look at St-Christophe and go away reassured”. Antique religious medal, signed JS, circa 1930, France.

    Eagle head hallmark and goldsmith’s hallmark

    Height (with bélière): 25 mm

    Width: 20 mm

    Condition: light scratches from use

    Weight: 3.58 gr

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*
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    Theological point: Saint-Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, soldiers and truckers. In Christianity, Saint-Christopher is a tall, strong man who settles on the banks of a tumultuous river. One day, a child comes along and the man decides to help him cross the river, carrying him on his shoulders. Gradually, the child becomes heavier and heavier to carry. The big man thought his time had come, so difficult was the crossing, but miraculously he reached the other bank. It was there that the child revealed his name and mission. This is why Saint Christopher is traditionally portrayed as a bent and exhausted man, sometimes leaning on his staff.

  • Pendentif Augis + qu'hier

    Large antique Augis Love medal in 18 karat yellow gold. In this antique version of the Love medal, the “+” sign is highlighted by 5 rose-cut diamonds and the “-” sign by three calibrated synthetic rubies. The medal is surrounded by a frieze of laurel. The pendant features a quotation from a letter from Rosmonde Gérard, the poetess, to her love Edmond Rostand, the author of Cyrano de Bergerac: “For, you see, every day I love you more, Today more than yesterday and much less than tomorrow”. Inspired by these two lovers, Alphonse Augis used these verses in his “Love medals”, condensing them to “+ qu’hier – que demain”. Early twentieth-century Médaille d’Amour, circa 1930.

    Eagle head hallmark, goldsmith’s hallmark illegible, signed A.A, mark “A.Augis-Déposé” on reverse.

    Height with setting: 32 mm
    Diameter: 23 mm

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight: 6.85 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
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  • art nouveau december in goldpendentif mois de décembre en or

    Art Nouveau December medal in 18 karat (750) pink and green gold. Rare December pendant decorated with mistletoe leaves and set in the centre with a very dark red cabochon imitation stone. The month “December” is inscribed in openwork gold at the top of the pendant. Antique pendant from the early 20th century, Art Nouveau period.

    Eagle head hallmark, illegible goldsmith’s hallmark, “registered” mark.

    Dimensions (including clasp): 2.8 cm x 2 cm

    Condition: scratches from use and oxidation

    Weight : 1.38 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
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  • pendentif art nouveau en orgold flower pendant in gold

    Antique Art Nouveau medal in 18 karat yellow gold (750). Art Nouveau pendant bearing the inscription “1915” in an openwork frame decorated with flowers in the typical Art Nouveau style. The reverse side of the medal is inscribed “Souvenir des Blessés” (Remembrance of the Wounded), in homage to the soldiers victims of the Great War. Antique medal pendant, dating from the late Art Nouveau period, 1915.

    Horse head hallmark (1838-1919) and illegible goldsmith’s hallmark

    Dimensions : 28 mm (including the bail) x 21 mm

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight : 2.28 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
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  • pendentif style art nouveau en émail plique a jourplique a jour enamel medal pendant

    Pendant stained glass enamel in yellow gold 18 karats. Circular medallion decorated with translucent enamel or “plique-a-jour”. The decorative enamel pattern consists of a coat of arms in the center, decorated with small blue and green diamonds. It is surrounded by yellow and orange flames. Medallion pendant mid 20th century, in an Art Nouveau style.

    Eagle’s head hallmark and partially legible goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Dimensions : 38 mm (including the clasp) x 30 mm

    Condition : Light wears

    Weight : 5.12 gr

    *L’écrin ancien n’est pas vendu avec le bijou*
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