Colored stones rings

The colored stone rings are of an infinite variety. Finally there are few transparent stones when you think about it, but so many possibilities in the world of color! If we think about the most famous ones, the top three are obviously ruby, sapphire and emerald. Then come the quartz and beryls: amethysts, citrines, aquamarines, morganites. The great family of garnets: from dark red to bright orange, from brown to electric green. And then topazes, tourmalines, turquoises, spinels.

Hot colors or cold colors, the world of colored stone rings will always offer you a great choice. The family of stones is immense. It doesn’t matter if it’s on an antique or vintage setting, because people have always loved colored stones and have worn them in jewelry. Moreover there are some jewels that carry messages, with the initials of each stone forming a word. Discover Maison Mohs selection.


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