Lockets and medallions belong to the category of pendants. Generally quite old, they often date from the 19th century and were used to keep a photo (or an element) of a loved one. They can be opened in two or even three parts. Indeed, some of them have two photo compartments.

They are found in all shapes: oval, round, heart-shaped. Some are inlaid with hard stone engraved with the owner’s initials, others are simply gold. Most of the time they are inlaid with either small pearls, small stones (rubies, garnets) but can also be enameled. The most common enamels are blue, black. Sometimes these photo holders have hair on them: they are then mourning jewels in which a physical memory of the deceased person is kept.

Photo holders and medallions are nice jewelry to accompany a chain or to keep a memory. Here is Maison Mohs’ selection.


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