Georgian French enamel poissardes earrings

Rare georgian loop earrings called “poissardes”, from Burgundy, with Bresse enamel decoration.


Georgian French enamel poissardes earrings in 18 karat yellow gold. The center of the earrings is decorated with an enamel pattern typical of the Bourg-en-Bresse town, in Bourgogne’s region, France. The motif features a faceted paste pink glass surrounded by blue enamel with white and pink dots. Around, small gold flowers. On either side of the earrings, a filigree spiral pattern adorns the gold structure. The back of the jewel is finely chiseled, revealing a shell motif on the reverse. French jewel from the Restoration period in France, Georgian period, between 1819 and 1838. 

The poissardes probably originate from the earrings made of polished mussel shells worn by the fish sellers in the markets. It was a sign of recognition. Over time, the “shell” design has evolved and refined as well as matter: from steel to gold. As for the Bressan enamels, a typical work of Bourgogne, they were sold by large plates to other jewelers all over France in order to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc. 

Ram’s head hallmark (Paris, 1819-1838), goldsmith hallmark partially erased. 

Height: 3cm
Width: 0.8 cm
Depth: 1.5cm 

Note: system close on the front. For pierced ears.
Condition: slight wears from use, a small decoration part wired.

Weight: 2.46 g

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boucles d'oreille poissarde bourgogne en or 18k

Georgian French enamel poissardes earrings