Victorian French onyx earrings

Victorian French onyx earrings on a 18k yellow gold settings with golden balls. Mourning jewelry from Napoleon III period


Antique Victorian French onyx earrings in 18k yellow gold centered with round onyx plates and encrusted with a gold ball. The plates are in an entourage worked in 2 friezes, one braided and the other beaded. A gold ball masks the departure of the stem of the earrings. Napoleon III period in France.

At that time, jewelry adorned with onyx plates were worn during very long periods of mourning, during which women could only wear black, gray and then purple. Today yellow gold jewelry associated with black presents a lot of elegance.

Eagle’s head hallmark attesting to French work in 18 karat gold.

Weight: 6.13 g
Height: 29mm
Diameter: 16 mm

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bouche oreille onyx en or

Victorian French onyx earrings