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  • sautoir en or fermoir barilsautoir fermoir baril émaillé souvenir

    Long French necklace barrel clasp in 18k rose gold (750). This antique necklace consists of a long flat-link chain that twists; it can be worn as a single strand, doubled, or tripled. The clasp is a box clasp, known as a barrel clasp. It has six facets decorated with enamel and inscriptions: one facet bears the word “Friendship,” another “Fidelity,” and a last one “Souvenir”; the remaining facets are adorned with enameled flowers.

    Hallmark: Eagle head (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold). Late 19th century.

    Length: 106.3 cm

    Clasp Dimensions: 6.67 mm x 23 mm

    Condition: enamel loss, scratches from use, minor dent

    Weight: 12.73 g

  • pendentif croix ancienne émailléependentif croix ancienne émaillée

    Antique enameled cross pendant in 18 karat rose gold (750). Cross-shaped pendant, featuring on one side the raised Christ on a blue enamel background, topped with the inscription INRI (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum); on the other side, a blue and white enamel decoration with a plant, triangles, and green and red colored dots. The pendant holds three teardrop-shaped pendants (or tears). Jewel from Puy en Velay, a regional Christian pendant from the late 19th century. Auvergne, France.

    Horse head hallmark (1838-1919) and unreadable goldsmith’s mark.

    Dimensions (including the bail): 56 mm x 29 mm

    Condition: scratches, enamel losses.

    Weight: 6.25 gr

  • bracelet bressan enamel in vermeilantique bressan enamel bracelet

    Regional bracelet with bressan enamels in gilded silver (vermeil) composed of 7 oval-shaped enameled elements surrounded by openwork friezes. The enamels have the following colors: midnight blue, sky blue, and black. They are decorated with gold friezes and half pearls of white enamel. Each link is set with three colored faceted glasses, typical of the jewelry from this region. The clasp is a hidden box clasp that is concealed within one of the links.

    Crab hallmark

    Length: 18 cm
    Width: 3 cm

    Condition: small lack of enamel on a midnight blue element (3×2 mm) and loss of 3 enamel beads, scratches from use. Small lack of metal, replaced by a ring.

    Weight: 29.84 gr

  • Collier pierres de rhincollier régional en argent

    Antique French regional necklace in 800 silver. It consists of links adorned with faceted rhinestones in volute motifs. The necklace features a central motif in the shape of a crowned heart with a fleur-de-lis design, topped with a bow. The entire piece is set with white and slightly yellow rhinestones (color alteration due to age). The necklace fastens with a lobster clasp, which was added later, as these necklaces originally closed with ribbons. This antique regional French necklace likely originates from Normandy and dates back to the mid-19th century in France.

    Hallmarks: Swan.

    Total length of the necklace: 39 cm.

    Dimensions of the central motif: 50 mm x 30 mm.

    Condition: signs of use, added clasp.

    Weight: 48.06 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague marquise grenats de perpignanPerpignan garnet ring in gold

    Marquise Catalan garnets ring in 18-karat rose gold. This marquise-shaped ring features a navette-cut garnet at its center, surrounded by eight round garnets cut in the Perpignan style. The central garnet is mounted on a structure fixed by attachments/rings to the ring head. The “Perpignan cut” garnets are mounted on paillons and set in a closed setting. They typically have a raspberry, pink-red color, which is typical of Catalan jewelry, with a range of nuances that are revealed in sunlight. The ring has understated decoration on the shoulders. The gold structure is finely decorated with V-shaped triangular figures on the edges, and the bottoms of the gem settings are domed. This regional marquise ring is from the mid-19th century in France.

    Horse head hallmark (1838-1919) and Mercury head hallmark. Illegible regional hallmark.

    Finger size: 58 EU or 8.25 US

    Ring head dimensions: 17 mm x 11 mm.

    Condition: scratches from use and oxidation.

    Weight: 2.4 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

    Expédié sous 2 jours ouvrés

  • collier ancien girandole en argentcollier strass régional français en argent

    Georgian regional girandole necklace in 800 silver. This necklace is composed of alternating links with cross motifs forming flowers and squares, all set with rhinestones. In the center, the necklace features an impressive girandole formed by a circular element holding three pear-shaped pendants. The entire piece is set with white rhinestones (paste stones on foil) some of which reveal a black dot beneath their culet, a mimic of old-cut diamonds. The necklace fastens with a spring ring clasp, which was likely added later as these necklaces were originally worn with a black ribbon. This antique necklace hails from France, likely from Normandy, and dates to the early 19th century, Georgian period.

    Hallmarks: Boar’s head (French hallmark for 800 silver).

    Total necklace length: 43.5 cm.

    Dimensions of the central motif: 55 mm x 35 mm.

    Condition: Showing signs of wear, oxidation, later-added clasp.

    Weight: 46.34 gr

  • poissardes anciennes en or 18kpoissardes en or

    Large enameled poissardes earrings in 18 karat rose gold (750). These substantial poissarde earrings are centered with a blue, green, and white enameled pansy, surrounded by a midnight blue enamel frieze punctuated with gold dots. The main motif is framed by two stars on a painted gold background. Poissardes, circa […]

  • victorian perpignan garnet ringbague marquise grenats

    Antique Perpignan garnet ring in 18-karat rose gold. This marquise-shaped ring is centered with a navette-cut garnet surrounded by 8 round Perpignan-cut garnets. The main garnet is mounted on a structure attached by rings to the ring head, while the Perpignan-cut garnets are set on foils within a closed setting. They typically have a rare raspberry, pink-red color, which is characteristic of Perpignan jewelry. Their palette of shades is revealed in the sunlight. The ring’s shoulders are decorated with leaves, and the gold structure is finely adorned with V-shaped triangular figures along the edges. The undersides of the gem settings are domed. This is a regional ring from the mid-19th century, France.

    Horse head (French hallmark for 18-karat gold between 1838 and 1919), Owl, and Maker’s mark “JT.”

    Finger size: 52 EU or 6 US (resizable)

    Ring head dimensions: 17 mm x 11 cm

    Condition: Signs of wear, oxidations, and an old resizing mark.

    Weight: 3.32 gr

  • georgian iberian citrine earringsantique silver foiled citrine earrings

    Antique Iberian foiled citrine earrings in 18k gold (750) and silver, set with citrines and flat diamonds. Earrings are made up of five articulated elements, each adorned with small diamonds and large citrines set in gold on a pink-red foil. They are called “Oil and Vinegar”. The pendants are fastened to the ears by clips, formed by a yellow gold screw system that grips the earlobe. Georgian foiled back citrine and diamond earrigns, circa 1780-90, Iberian Peninsula.

    Dimensions: 74 mm x 20 mm

    Condition: oxidation; inner crack in one of the citrines, the fastening system has been modified circa 1920.

    Weight : 33.24 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • French antique diamond ringantique french diamond ring

    Antique provençal diamond ring in 18 karat (750 thousandths) pink gold and silver.  Antique regional ring from Provence, set with five rose-cut diamonds on a silver and gold setting.  The ring is decorated with fine leaves at shoulder level.  Antique ring, mid-19th century, France.

    Eagle head hallmark partially erased

    Finger size: 55.5 EU or 7 US (sizing possible)

    Pattern dimensions: 16 x 16 mm

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.20 carat

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight: 4 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • antique enamel claspfermoir émaillé en or

    French long necklace with enamel clasp and 14 karat (585) and 18 karat (750) rose gold. The 14 karat gold clasp is rectangular with two facets. The facets are decorated with enamels and motifs: one centred on a shield framed by two laurel leaves, the corners enamelled blue; the other decorated with a frieze of triangles enamelled blue, the corners enamelled white. The 18 karat gold sautoir chain is made of jaseron mesh. French regional jewellery from the mid-19th century, Normandy region.

    Shell head hallmarks on the clasp, chain tested 18 karats.

    Dimensions of clasp: 8 mm x 12 mm
    Length of necklace: 70 cm

    Condition: missing enamel, scratches from use

    Weight : 8.09 gr

  • collier ancien fermoir régionalCollier régional Napoléon II en or 18k

    Georgian rows of gold necklace. Rare French regional necklace in yellow gold 18 karats. It is made of ten belcher (or rolo) chains. The clasp is the main decorative element of the jewel. It is enamelled blue and white with triangular and circular decoration. The reverse side of the clasp bears the initials “P…”. This necklace is worn as a choker. Late 18th – early 19th century necklace, Auvergne, France.

    Hallmarked with rooster head turned to the right (Paris, 1798-1809), Goldsmith’s hallmark

    Total length of the necklace at the shortest: 31 cm – Height when worn. 15/16 cm

    Clasp size: 3.4 cm x 2 cm
    Condition: a few tiny cracks in the enamel.

    Weight : 58,45 gr