Enamelled gold emerald rosary


Victorian christian jewel, a rosary from the south of France, adorn with black enamel, natural pearls and a beautiful deep green emerald.


Enamelled gold emerald rosary in 18 karat yellow gold. The rosary is in yellow gold with natural baroque pearls alternating with an openwork spherical element and filigree motifs. The cross is black and white enamelled and enriched with two pendant pearls. It holds a polished emerald pearl as a tassel. A heart-shaped filigree element features the initials “AM” for Ave Maria, Monogramm of Holy Virgin Mary. Work from the South of France, around Bayonne, from the end of the 19th century. French antique rosary.

Owl hallmark, Bayonne region hallmark used from 1873.

Length: 33.7 cm
Height of the Cross: 2.4 cm
Width of The Cross: 1.3 cm

Estimated emerald weight: 1.85 carat

Number of beads: 55

Note : It is possible to make it a necklace, on request.

Condition: Wears on the emerald, traces of traditional oiling
Weight: 14.08 g

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emerald cross rosary in gold

Enamelled gold emerald rosary


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