Antique poissardes earrings


Antique poissardes earrings in rose gold 18 karats. The earrings are with citrines on foils. The gems are in close setting on a convex background. Under each citrine, there is a coloured metallic leaf enhancing the brilliance and the colour of the gem. Antique regional jewel from the second half of the 19th century, Languedoc Roussillon, France. 

At that time, the most used stones in Roussillon were garnets, citrines or Aurillac topaz. A red mettalix leaf was placed under the stone to give it changing light reflections, these stones are called “Brésils”, also called “Oli i Vinagre” in Roussillon. 

Horse head hallmark (1838-1919)

Dimensions of a buckle: 30 mm x 8 mm

Estimated carat of the citrines: 5.30 carats

Condition: scratches from use, dents, one foil has lost its red colour leaving the citrine darker than the other, tiny chip on one stone.

Weight : 3,87 gr

Gemological point: From the Latin “citrus” referring to the lemon for its colour. Citrine is therefore a yellow quartz, just as amethyst is a violet quartz. The colour of this stone can vary from lemon yellow to orange-brown, this is caused by the presence of iron (ferric hydroxides) in the stone. Natural citrine is particularly rare and is found in Madagascar, the Urals and Uruguay.

*The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

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antique folie citrine earrings

Antique poissardes earrings