Antique Holy Spirit pendant

Antique silver pendant called “Holy Spirit”, decorated with strass. Jewel from the 19th century.

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Antique Holy Spirit pendant made in silver. Made in Normandy in the West of France, it is composed of a dove with its head down, holding in its beak an olive branch (sometimes a bunch of grapes). At the top, the bird is suspended from a richly decorated bow. The dove and the bow are completely set with paste stones, a faceted glass imitating diamonds. At the bottom, red and green paste glasses adorns the olive branch. A flat ring on the reverse side of the pendant allows it to be worn on a chain or a velvet ribbon. Antique regional pendant, Norman jewelry, France, mid-19th century. 

Hallmark of department for silver works

Dimensions : 80 mm x 40 mm

Condition : scratches from use

Weight : 13,25 gr

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pendentif saint esprit en argent

Antique Holy Spirit pendant