Antique French earrings

Rare pair of earrings called “fileuses”, which can come from Normandy, Auvergne, Provence or Vendée. French regional jewel.


Antique French earrings in 18k yellow gold, long drops stamped and hollowed, they are composed of an oblong tassel with concave faces. French regional jewel of the 19th century. 

Eagle’s head hallmarks

Note: The buckles go through the back and close by the front.
Condition : wears and dents. 

Height : 3,6 cm

Weight : 1,26 gr

These earrings can come from Normandy, Auvergne, Provence or Vendée, French regions. These jewels are very rare today and found very often in gilded metal. Rare because over time, they have become worn, broken, lost and eventually melted. The machines to make and repair them being expensive, the customers did not necessarily have them restored. 

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Kind of jewelry

fileuse en or 18k boucles d'oreille régionales

Antique French earrings