Victorian sleepers jet earrings

Lovely antique sleepers earrings set with jet cabochon, made of pink gold.


Victorian sleepers jet earrings in pink gold 18 karats. An large black  jet cabochon adorns the earrings, surmounted by a smaller one on top. French earrings from Victorian period, Napoleon III era.

These jewels are very fashionable during the Victorian period who was in mourning after her husband Albert died, for 40 years. Women wore then black and purple outfits during their long months of mourning. Jet is a fossil gem that comes from the carbonification of plant debris. It is compact and tough and can be polished and faceted. 

Eagle head hallmark

Height : 1,5 cm
Diameter of the main button: 9 mm

Note: breakage opening at the back

Weight : 2,48 gr

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antique mourning earrings sleepers in gold

Victorian sleepers jet earrings