Victorian long necklace enamel clasp

Antique long chain necklace adorn with a beautiful enameled clasp.


Victorian long necklace enamel clasp in rose gold 18 karats. The clasp is oblong shape with six facets. They are partially enamelled with floral decoration. The chain of the necklace is composed of a cable chain. Concerning the clasp: it is cylindrical, it is also called “barrel”, the box is slit in cross, the lock can be put in a direction or in the other allowing to let appear the drawing of the clasp. French regional jewel of the middle of the 19th century, Normandy region. 

Hallmark:  eagle head.

Dimensions of the clasp: 5.7 mm x 25 mm
Length of the necklace : 110 cm

Condition : lack of enamel, wears

Weight : 13.22 gr

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victorian enamel clasp in gold

Victorian long necklace enamel clasp