Religious coral cross pendant

Victorian coral cross with a thin gold rope. Antique pendant from the late 19th century.


Religious coral cross pendant in 18 karat yellow gold. The cross is composed of two strands of orange coral. It has lines of growth well visible to the naked eye and typical of this gem. The centre of the cross is decorated with a twisted gold wire arranged in a cross. The ring is in gold. Religious pendant, probably from the South of France, Mediterranean basin, late 19th century. Victorian period.

Pendant tested to 18 karats gold. No hallmark.

Dimensions: 3 cm (including the clasp) x 1.5 cm

Note: The horizontal strand is not placed in the centre. 

Weight : 0.93 gr

Did you know that? Coral was offered to children at birth, throughout the Mediterranean basin, because it was considered to protect them from diseases.

Conservation: Coral should avoid contact with non-natural products such as perfume, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant. It is also important to avoid areas that are too dry (long exposure to the sun, radiators) 

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Religious coral cross pendant