Portrait pendant King Louis XVIII


Rare portrait of the French King Louis XVIII on mother-of-pearl mounted in medallion. On the reverse side, the attributes of the King are presented: the coat of arms, fleur de lys, the words “Long live the King”, the order of the Holy Spirit, the poplars (the trees of liberty).

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Portrait pendant King Louis XVIII of France, in pink gold 18 karats. The medallion is centered with a portrait of the King of France Louis XVIII (1755-1824). On the reverse, a miniature on mother-of-pearl showing the coat of arms with 3 fleur-de-lys on a blue background, the inscription “Long live the King” and the trees of liberty (poplars). The two subjects are surrounded by a gilded border decorated with jagged friezes and black circles. The King wears the order of the Holy Spirit. Two blades of rock crystal protect the front and the back of the medallion. Jewel of the beginning of the 19th century, a political jewel to express support to the King of France. But who was Louis XVIII? Nicknamed “the Desired one” by the royalists, he returned to France during the Restoration that followed the fall of Emperor Napoleon I. He was overthrown during the Hundred Days, then returned to power after the battle of Waterloo. He died in 1824 and it was Charles X, his brother, who ascended the throne before being replaced by Louis-Philippe, the last king of France.

Owl hallmark, eagle head hallmark

Height with the ring : 3,5 cm
Diameter : 2,5 cm

Note: chips

Weight : 6,72 gr

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Gold French king pendant Louis XVIII

Portrait pendant King Louis XVIII


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