Mourning jet earrings

Antique sleeper earrings with jet cabochons. Mourning jewellery.


Mourning jet earrings in 18 karat pink gold. Antique earrings set with large black jet cabochons. Napoleon III period, French Victorian period.

Marked with an eagle’s head

Height: 17 mm
Diameter of the cabochon: 10 mm

Note: the breakage system works. The buckle goes through the back of the ear and closes at the front of the lobe. For pierced ears.

Condition : scratches and small shocks

Weight : 2.52 gr

Gemological point: England is the country where one could find the most jet stones, that’s why the fashion of the mourning jewels, which occurred after the death of prince Albert, could last so long. In France, it was also available, but in smaller quantities, so this fossil gem was replaced by “verre de Paris”, simply opaque black glass. 

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antique jet earrings in gold

Mourning jet earrings