Lucien Gaillard Art Nouveau brooch

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Lucien Gaillard Art Nouveau brooch in gilted silver (vermeil) brooch depicting a female butterfly with outstretched wings. Three glass cabochons imitating opal adorn this brooch on the wings and on a tassel. The back of the brooch is chiseled, revealing butterfly wings on the woman’s back. Brooch by Lucien Gaillard, circa 1900, France.

Boar hallmark and hallmark of the goldsmith Lucien Gaillard (1861-1942). 

Dimensions: 50 x 40 mm

Note: Pump clasp
Condition: oxidations, metal pin

Weight: 5.33 g

Further information : In the Art Nouveau period, the butterfly became a favourite subject. This insect is the symbol of lightness and ephemerality. Art Nouveau was inspired by Japanese art associated with Nature. The artists of this period played with this subject to create aerial jewellery with naturalistic or stylised forms. The shape and play of insect wings, for example, is an infinite source of inspiration.

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broche art nouveau femme papillon

Lucien Gaillard Art Nouveau brooch