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  • broche art nouveau femme papillonArt nouveau butterfly brooch

    Lucien Gaillard Art Nouveau brooch in gilted silver (vermeil) brooch depicting a female butterfly with outstretched wings. Three glass cabochons imitating opal adorn this brooch on the wings and on a tassel. The back of the brooch is chiseled, revealing butterfly wings on the woman’s back. Brooch by Lucien Gaillard, circa 1900, France.

    Boar hallmark and hallmark of the goldsmith Lucien Gaillard (1861-1942).

    Dimensions: 50 x 40 mm

    Note: Pump clasp
    Condition: oxidations, metal pin

    Weight: 5.33 gr

  • bague d'homme en vermeil et verre facettéMen wedding ring in silver guilt

    Alsace Lorraine antique ring in gilted silver, from Metz, France. Antique wedding ring, with a flat rectangular violet glass in a closed setting, surrounded by a set of round red and green paste glass in a closed setting. The ring is decorated with stripes, some with dot motifs. Antique regional ring from the mid-19th century, Alsace Lorraine, France.

    Hallmark 12 and hallmark V

    Finger size: 65 EU or 11 US (can be changed,but risk of losing the old hallmarks).

    Bezel size: 25 x 16 mm

    Condition: scratches, oxidation, knocks, old setting

    Weight : 4.64 gr

  • silver ruby diamond boxboite ancienne argent

    Retro ruby diamond compact powder in sterling silver and vermeil. The case is in silver, decorated in the centre with a large vermeil band with a floral composition in a vase. The flowers are decorated with six ruby cabochons and eight rose-cut diamonds.

    The powder case contains a bevelled mirror. It opens in two parts. French work in the taste of Boucheron Paris, circa 1945.

    Boar hallmark, goldsmith’s mark Jacques Lucien DELETTREZ and Son (1920-1955), worked for René Boivin, traces of numbers.

    Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 1.1 cm

    Condition : wears, scratches

    Weight : 209 gr

  • 450,00

    Victorian coral wedding comb in golden metal with 8 teeth. The comb’s teeth are made of blond corn. The upper part moves. It is decorated with two golden and matte wheat ears, with sixteen orange to red coral beads. 19th century tiara comb, Victorian period, French Napoleon III period.

    Height : 7,4 cm
    Width: 11 cm

    Condition : traces of oxidation
    Weight : 28,59 gr

    Authentic head jewel, this 19th century hairstyle accessory will adorn and sublimate your hair and give it a romantic final touch.

    Gemological point: it is a gem of organic origin. Only the branched calcareous trunks of certain corals are used in jewellery. Its colour is due to organic pigments close to carotene: varying from blood red to white, passing by the pink “angel skin”.

    Fashion point: in the 19th century, women wore their hair in twists on the top of their heads and in curls, hanging from each side of the face. They added a comb, flowers, leaves or jewelled ribbons to their hairstyle.