Georgian paste earrings

Very rare pair of earrings in rose gold and silver, decorated with red and colorless imitation faceted stones (paste earrings).


Georgian paste earrings in 18k pink gold and silver. These earrings are in two parts. The upper part is composed of a drop earring with a flower design, decorated with red and white faceted glass set on silver. The lower part is formed of a drop with paste of the same color, the red stone more important. These earrings date from the early 19th century, circa 1820.

Ram head hallmark (active between 1819-1838)

Height : 3 cm 

Width : 1,1 cm

Note: the breakaway system works. The buckle goes through the back of the lobe and closes from the front; for pierced ears.
Condition : Some white stones of the upper parts are slightly yellow.

Weight : 4,29 gr


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Georgian silver and gold paste earrings

Georgian paste earrings