Commemorative ring “Napoleon III Emperor”


Rare bronze ring, historical souvenir in honor of Emperor Napoleon III, probably a ring from one of these soldiers.

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Commemorative ring Napoleon III Emperor. This is a simple ring in bronze. On the inside, it bears the inscription “Napoleon III Emperor”. The message is highlighted by a dotted frieze. The inscription is partially faded. This is due to the wear and use of the ring by its former wearer. Some rare models of this ring exist with the date “1863”. Memorial jewel, circa 1860.

Finger size: 51 EU or 5.5 US (no sizing possible)

Ring width : 5 mm

Weight : 1,99 gr

Further historical informations : Napoleon III sent an expedition to Mexico between 1961 and 1967 in order to set up a political regime favourable to France. It was during this period that the battle of Camerone took place between 65 soldiers of the Foreign Legion and 2000 Mexican soldiers. This battle was a milestone because the company of the Foreign Legion resisted the Mexicans for a whole day. The last three soldiers of the legion finally surrendered on condition that they kept their weapons and helped their comrades. Today the battle of Camerone is celebrated every year on 30 April in all units or a support ring made from a French coin.

This ring could be a ring given to the surviving soldiers in gratitude for their participation in the expedition to Mexico.

Historical point : Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (1808-1873), also known as Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, became the first President of the French Republic in 1848, and the last monarch under the name “Napoleon III” Emperor of the French. He was the nephew of Napoleon I and the grandson of Josephine de Beauharnais.

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memorial Napoleon III emperor ring

Commemorative ring "Napoleon III Emperor"


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