Fancy brown diamond ring


Rare diamond of intense brown colour with orange reflections. This diamond has been analysed in laboratory and has a certificate.

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Fancy brown diamond ring. Fancy brown diamond ring: a solitaire diamond fancy cognac ring in platinum. This ring is centered on a magnificent brilliant cut fancy diamond, whose brown color sparkles with orange. The diamond weighs 0.79 carat and is set with 8 claws. Antique setting from early 20th, certainly reassembled later with the diamond. 

A certificate was established by the French Laboratory of Gemmology on 26/07/2021, of which here are the details below. 

Shape : round – brilliant
Dimensions : 5,93 – 6,04 x 3,60 mm
Mass : 0,79 carat
Color: fancy deep brown, slightly orange
Clarity: SI2
Fluorescence: none
Observations: no trace of treatment intended to modify the color. Additional facets. Witnesses of the shape of the rough.

Guarantee mark dog head for platinum, goldsmith’s mark partially erased. 

Finger size: 49.5 EU or 5 US (sizing possible)

Note: The certificate can be provided upon request, it will be sent to the buyer. 

Condition : old trace of sizing

Total weight of the ring : 2,81 gr

About fancy diamonds: Colored diamonds were first brought to light in the 1980s with the discovery of the Argyle mine in Australia in 1983. Over the years this mine has become the most important source of colored diamonds in the world. It is particularly renowned for its pink, champagne, cognac, violet and finally red diamonds, the rarest color. The Argyle mine closed permanently on November 3, 2020. 

Gemological point: the colour of these brown diamonds is due -most of the time- to the “graining”, that is to say to a succession of brown parallel planes in the gem.

Historical point: the most famous brown diamond in the world is the “Golden Jubilee”, with a weight of 545,67 carat. This diamond was discovered in 1985 in the Premier Mine in South Africa. It was then cut by the renowned Gabi Tolkowsky. In 1997, it was presented to King Rama IX of Thailand as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of his coronation. This is why it is now called the “Golden Jubilee”.

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Fancy brown diamond ring


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