Antique French gilt necklace

Antique gilt metal necklace from France, with bessans enamels. Regional work from Bourgogne or Auvergne, late 19th Century.


Antique French gilt necklace. This necklace mounted with several rows of chains, it is decorated with a central plate, stamped with floral frieze motifs. Its centre is decorated with white and turquoise Bressans enamels on a blue background. On either side of the oval plate, three chains link the motif to the main chain. The clasp takes the form of a ratchet box decorated with a coat of arms framed by two flowers. Regional work from the 19th century, Bourgogne or Auvergne, France.

Dimensions of the central motif: 1,7 x 2,1 cm

Length of the necklace: 55,5 cm

Weight: 10,57 gr

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Antique French gilt necklace