Zircon and silver bracelet

Antique silver bracelet made of elements set with green zircons also called metamict zircon.

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Zircon and silver bracelet. Zircon and silver bracelet (925). This bracelet is decorated with nine natural green zircons, cut in rectangular form. The zircons are in closed setting surrounded by a frieze of pearl silver. Each element of the bracelet is connected by two rings. Antique jewelry, Eastern Europe.

Marked 925

Width : 10 mm 

Total length : 19.5 cm

Condition: the clasp is not original. Scratches and slight shocks. 

Weight : 16.76 gr

Point gemmology: The zircon is a natural stone which can present all the colors of the spectrum. In the past, it has often been used to replace diamond because its brilliance is the closest to it. Zircon is found mainly in deposits in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. 

It is important to distinguish natural zircon from zirconium oxide – a man-made stone – which is also used to imitate diamonds and has no value.

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bracelet ancien péridots

Zircon and silver bracelet