Victorian vermeil wedding comb 


Beautifully crafted vermeil comb in matt and polished. The perfect head jewel for a wedding hairstyle.

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Victorian vermeil wedding comb : comb in vermeil (800 thousandths silver and gilding) with 8 teeth, decorated with flowers and foliage. The comb is worked alternately in matt and polished golden silver. 19th century French work, Rococo style.

Authentic head jewel, this 19th century hairstyle accessory will adorn and sublimate your hair and give it a romantic final touch.

Two Minerva hallmarks

Height: 9.5cm
Width: 8 cm

Condition: the gilding has disappeared in places, some oxidation, wears and small bubbles on the back.

Weight: 37.11 g

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antique flower hair comb for wedding hairstyle

Victorian vermeil wedding comb 


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