Victorian French silver paste necklace


Antique necklace made of silver plates decorated with Rhinestones (rhinestones), Norman jewel of the 19th century.

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Victorian French silver paste necklace in silver. It is composed of 14 silver plates set with paste stones. A flower motif is reproduced on the whole necklace. In the centre there is a larger flower. This element was probably to support a pendant in the form of a cross or Holy Spirit, now missing. This necklace is worn high on the neck. 19th century regional jewel, Normandy, France. 

These necklaces were sometimes sewn onto a velvet ribbon. A similar example is reproduced on page 138 of the book Les Bijoux Des Français by Michael Fieggen.

Swan hallmark on the clasp. 

Length: 26.5 cm
Width: 1 cm
Width of central motif : 1.6 cm

Note: the clasp is a later add to the necklace which was then attached with a ribbon

Weight : 42,16 gr

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Necklaces and chains

collier ancien d'yvetot normandie

Victorian French silver paste necklace


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