Victorian French locket pendant 


Rare 19th century locket pendant depicting a woman in traditional Alsatian dress, on enamelled ceramic surrounded by pink glass stone surround.

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Victorian French locket pendant in silver plated. An enamelled ceramic plate adorns the center of the pendant. It represents a woman in traditional regional costume, with her head bowed and her hands crossed, in front of the village church. Her traditional costume let us think that the woman is from Alsace, East of France, because of the large black bow which was worn here at this period.

Red glass stones surround the figure in a set of filigree. At the back, the locket opens to hide a lock of hair or a photograph of the loved one.

Height: 4.3 cm

Width: 3.1 cm

Condition: slight lack of the enamel on the left side of the ceramic.

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médaillon ancien Alsace céramique émaillée

Victorian French locket pendant 


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