Victorian Fede ring

Antique 14 karat gold Fede ring opening on a heart. Antique faith ring.


Victorian Fede ring in pink gold 14 karats (585 thousandths). Antique Fede ring composed of three rings articulated around a fine pin. The rings are superimposed and form a motif: two straight hands clasped on a heart. The hands are delicately chiselled and decorated with cuffs, set with four turquoise cabochons. Fede ring or promise ring, also called faith ring, dating from the late 19th / early 20th century.

Mark “14” on the inside of one ring. Jewel tested with 14 karat gold acids

Finger size: 52 EU or 6 (no sizing possible)

Main motif size: 6 mm x 11 mm

Condition: scratches from use

Weight : 3.11 gr

More information : These rings have different names “rings of faith”, “Fede ring” or “mani in fede rings” (meaning hands in trust). The ring of faith spread throughout Europe during the Middle Ages and remained popular for the next six centuries. Here, the hands represent friendship and the heart symbolises love. Sometimes a crown is placed over the heart, representing loyalty. It is therefore a jewel of feeling, a ring sealing a union full of promise. 

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bague de foi en or 14k

Victorian Fede ring