Victorian emerald diamond ring

Rare black enamelled ring, adorned with emeralds and diamonds. 19th century work, Victorian period.


Victorian emerald diamond ring in 18k yellow gold, oval shaped.

It is adorned with 3 emeralds in an entourage of 14 rose-cut diamonds. Two black enamelled lines highlight the stones. The ring is decorated with palm leaves. French work from the 19th century, Victorian era.

Eagle’s head hallmark.

Finger size: 53 EU or 6.5 US (adjustment possible)

Condition: enamels lack and natural inclusions in the emeralds.

Gross weight 2.14 gr

An emerald is rarely completely clear and without inclusion. The emerald is most of the time, filled with small frosts composed of water, this is due to its hydrothermal origin (water-based) in veins rich in Chromium (giving it its color) and Beryllium (giving it its structure). These frosts are very poetically called “Gardens of the Emerald”.

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antique victorian emerald diamond ring

Victorian emerald diamond ring