Victorian coral fist pendant

Charming coral and turquoise fist worn as a pendant. Antique 18 karat gold pendant.

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Victorian coral fist pendant in yellow gold 18 karats. This lucky pendant takes the form of a hand clenched into a fist. Finely carved in coral, we can see the nails and the fold of the hand. It is adorned with a gold bracelet adorned with a turquoise. Lucky pendant from the middle of the 19th century, circa 1850.Victorian period.

Eagle head hallmark

Dimensions : 8,8 mm x 29 mm

Condition : scratches from use

Weight : 2.02 gr

More about : The closed fist is a recurrent motif in lucky charms. When the thumb is stuck between the fingers, it is the “sign of the fig”, an obscene gesture used since the Roman era. This gesture worn as a pendant is used to counter curses and ward off bad luck.

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Victorian coral fist pendant in gold

Victorian coral fist pendant