Secret antique belt ring

Rare secret compartment ring in gold in a belt shaped, opening on a braided lock of hair.

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Secret antique belt ring in 14 karat pink gold. The belt opens in two parts to reveal a braided lock of hair, incorporated in a secret compartment. The belt closes with a clip system, it is decorated with chiselled motifs and a buckle. The ring is decorated with flowers on the sides. Wedding ring, part of a pair of rings, Netherlands, second half of the 19th century. 

Oak leaf hallmark (inscribed in the Netherlands between 1852-1906)

Finger size: 51 EU or 5.5 (no sizing possible)

Width of the ring: 6 mm (at the level of the buckle)
Width of the unfolded belt: 5 cm

Note: We are in possession of a pair of rings, the second has the same characteristics but for man, you click here to have an eye on it. We suppose that they could be locks of hair of a woman and her husband. 

Weight : 2,10 gr

Antique box from D.J. JEVERT Hofjuwelier, Alkmaar Netherlands

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Secret antique belt ring