Regional French antique enamel cross

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Regional French antique enamel cross in rose gold 18 karats. This pendant consists of two parts: the lower part takes the form of a cross, decorated with the stylized initials AM for Ave Maria. It is adorned with five citrines on red foils and decorated with green enamel dots on a white enamel background. The cross holds three pendants decorated with citrines on foils. The upper part is decorated with a citrine in a closed setting with green enamel dots on a white background and two pendants. It is a beautiful example of French regional jewelry. Regional religious pendant from the early 20th century, Aurillac. Master goldsmith H.Besson (attributed to).

Owl hallmark (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

Dimensions (including the setting): 105 mm x 45 mm

Note : in its old case H. Besson
Condition: slight oxidation

Provenance: old cross having been worn very little, remained in its case for two generations. The case is sold with the cross.

Weight : 18.30 gr

Gemological point: From the Latin “citrus” referring to the lemon for its colour. Citrine is therefore a yellow quartz, just as amethyst is a violet quartz. The colour of this stone can vary from lemon yellow to orange-brown, this is caused by the presence of iron (ferric hydroxides) in the stone. Natural citrine is particularly rare and is found in Madagascar, the Urals and Uruguay.

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croix religieuse ancienne d'aurillac en or 18k

Regional French antique enamel cross