Horse heads bracelet

Solid silver horse head bracelet, the body of the bracelet in ebony wood, jewel in the style of Hermes


Horse heads bracelet with articulated ebony and silver gilt. The ends of the bracelet are two horse heads in solid silver and delicately chased. The two sculptures are similar but not identical. The nostrils, the open mouth, the muzzle and the mane are particularly well done. The two heads close in front of each other on the wrist. Vintage bracelet, in the spirit of the house Gay Frères for Hermes, 1960-1970. 

Four punches crab, punches of goldsmith “Sté F”.

Inside diameter : 25 mm
Width of the ebony: 10 mm
Dimension of a head: 18 mm x 30 mm 

Weight : 64,78 gr

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Kind of jewelry

bracelet tete de cheval en argent et ébène

Horse heads bracelet