Georgian French sentimental pendant

Sentimental pendant showing a young boy hiding behind flowers, symbols of love and shyness.


Georgian French sentimental pendant in 18 karats yellow gold. Pendant of circular form containing a gouache painting. This paiting represents two pansies and a peony behind which hides a shy young man. The scene takes place under a blue sky. Around the miniature, an eglomise  frieze of alternating red flowers and gold motifs decorates the medallion. On the back of the medallion is a gold leaf protected by a glass. French sentimental jewel from the first half of the 19th century, Napoleon I or Georgian period.

This medallion is part of the sentimental jewels: they were offered to the loved one in order to declare his love or not to be forgotten. Indeed, the pansie was used as a pun on 19th century jewellery for “Think of me” as in French it is the same word (a thought/ a pansie). The pink peony expresses a shy and sincere love. This explains why the young man hides behind these flowers. 

Eagle head hallmark

Height (with clasp): 3.6 cm
Diameter: 2.8 cm

Condition: some dust stuck to the glass; on the reverse, the gold leaf has suffered from time.

Weight : 5,89 gr

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médaillon napoleon 1er en or 18k bijou de sentiment

Georgian French sentimental pendant